What We Do

UNICC has over 50 years of experience as a strategic partner for the UN system, providing trusted digital business solutions to United Nations Agencies and other related international organizations. Its mission is to maximize the shared services model and to generate economies of scale to benefit its over 80 Clients. UNICC has been the go-to strategic partner for United Nations programmes, funds and entities since its inception.

UNICC offers a full range of services and solutions built upon industry best practices, international standards and documented business processes subject to a Continuous Process Improvement cycle. The unique business environment of UNICC requires a workforce that is versatile and skilled in deploying and supporting diverse technologies. It demands knowledgeable staff who are familiar with United Nations goals, ethics, regulations, business and technology environments.

Greening UNICC: Offices in Brindisi, Italy and Valencia, Spain are hosted in UN Global Service Centre facilities with environmental sustainability in the management of buildings and operations. UNICC’s data centre in Valencia is a CEEDA-certified facility, with energy savings best practices.

For more information on UNICC Services see our UNICC Services Overview, UNICC Services Booklet or contact a Business Relationship Manager at business@unicc.org.

Client Services

UNICC offers Client Services in the areas of consulting (strategic advisory services and subject matter expertise), IT Advisory Firm Services, project management, ICT communications, application development, training and learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and monitoring.

UNICC provides strategic consulting to CIOs and other executives and managers. This includes business model mapping, digital strategy development, project portfolio prioritisation and industry benchmark research, writing and subject matter expertise. 

UNICC provides cost-efficient and volume-discounted packages for industry research and advisory services, including Gartner, 451Research, Cutter Consortium, Forrester, IDC Research, Info-Tech and McLean & Company. These groups provide professional strategic governance, project planning, consulting and advisory services.

UNICC helps Clients deliver organisational learning programs and develop training strategies, needs analyses, vendor relationship management, certification programs and training content. UNICC provides advisory support, procurement and hosting of learning and elearning platforms. UNICC provides instructional design services and organizes workshops for technical, business, and executive staff focused on specialized topics. 
For more details, see UNICC Learning Services Catalogue.

UNICC offers digital business communications services, including advisory services, information/content design and delivery, campaign channel management, website content management, social media support, technical writing, editing, translations, multimedia campaigns, collateral and creative marketing design, e -learning and information security awareness support.

UNICC’s project management services offer Clients an opportunity to tailor or build the required “tools and processes” to align strategic investments with corporate goals, thereby working to yield the highest return, with efficiency and transparency.

UNICC’s application development services help Clients design, enhance and build mission- critical custom enterprise applications and collaborative solutions, including Intranet, Extranet and corporate website design or revamps, business application development, application integration, data migration, certificate exchange hubs, mobile apps and more.

ICT infrastructure monitoring supports monitoring Client’s end-to-end or component infrastructures by using a common pool of knowledge, resources, tools and systems. This UNICC service collects and aggregates near real-time data from a Client’s ICT infrastructure. 

Robotic Process Automation is a logical step forward for organisations to increase efficiency in performing rule‐based, high volume repeatable business process activities. UNICC’s value proposition provides for complete services, from inception to management of ‘bots’ and all related RPA functions. 


UNICC’s cybersecurity services cover governance, architecture and organizational resilience as well as a whole spectrum of operational components. UNICC is certified with ISO 27001 and is a 2020 and 2017 CSO50 information security award winner.

UNICC is a SWIFT Cybersecurity Service Provider across many global locations, providing:

  • Cybersecurity services experience & credentials
  • Strategic focus on cybersecurity services
  • Good reputation & commitment to customers in the financial industry.

UNICC’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) framework mitigates the risk of exposure of an organisation to the high risk of negative reputational impact, loss of valuable information, exposure to malicious acts as well as sophisticated and complex cyber-attacks.

This service functions to share timely, relevant and actionable physical and cybersecurity threat and incident information. This enhances the ability of the United Nations to prepare for, respond to, and mitigate risks associated with these threats.

The Common Secure Operations Centre (CSOC) involves a specialized unit that monitors, analyses, and responds to cybersecurity events using a combination of technology processes and solutions. The CSOC is staffed with skilled cybersecurity practitioners.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions and services are typically part of an organizational security operations regime. They provide real-time analysis of security alerts generated by applications and network hardware.

UNICC’s vulnerability management services provide continuous identification and remediation of vulnerabilities and configuration flaws through a combination of processes and technologies that its Information Security specialists can leverage.

UNICC’s phishing simulation services enable Partner Agencies to test effectiveness of their information security awareness programme.

UNICC’s Information Security Specialists work with Clients to develop content and manage phishing simulation exercises. 

Penetration testing consists of actively exploiting vulnerabilities in order to prove (or disprove) real -world attack vectors against an organization’s digital assets, data, staff, and/or physical security. It allows to identify weaknesses in information security controls.

UNICC’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) services provide well-defined and industry standard incident handling procedures and programs for analyzing incident-related data and for determining appropriate responses to any organizational security incident. 

UNICC offers strategic advisory services to help an organization set up a state-of-the-art, effective information security awareness strategy, an industry-leading cloud-based learning lab and communications support including deliverables with messages, bulletins, posters and portal support.

UNICC’s Infrastructure and Network Support services span across infrastructure, platform and applications from the delivery of fully managed components to the utilisation and analytics of tools as well as techniques.

Two Factor Authentication enables an elevated authentication mechanism granting access after presenting two sets based on “something you know” and “something you have”. Management and support of infrastructure security components include Managed FirewallNetwork Intrusion and Detection, as well as Network Access Control systems.  

The UNICC Email Security Service provides protection against spams, viruses, phishing, DOS and DHA attacks while Content Filtering extends the management and support of various systems for controlled access to the Internet based on organization established policies

UNICC’s PKI digital identity services are broadly divided into three categories: internal UN system-wide PKI services for secure communications between Agencies, hosting and managing of organizational PKI infrastructures and publicly-trusted PKI services complemented with a full range of certificate types.

UNICC provides an electronic signature solution in partnership with DocuSign, with automation technology to confirm the irrefutable validity of every signature in any process workflow, backed up by a comprehensive audit trail.

The Secure Authentication Service provides a connection for enterprise solutions, platforms and applications to authenticate users against their own organizational identity management directory. With minimum modification (the service supports modern authentication protocols), any app can be registered to use the service.

UNICC offers a holistic assessment service using the ISO 27001 standard as a reference framework to determine effectiveness of the organisation’s information security capabilities.

This service helps UN Partners to understand their current ZTA maturity level by reviewing the organization’s enterprise architecture, products and technologies and provide a high-level roadmap that enables a ZTA to better protect their critical assets.

With the constant updates and enhancements in the cyber security capabilities made available by Microsoft, UNICC Clients can leverage UNICC’s cybersecurity expertise to perform an overall security assessment of the risks influencing the M365 environment.

These services are focused on providing cybersecurity architecture review and assessment of organizations’ Azure or AWS environments. The assessment leverages Microsoft Azure or AWS security best practices and Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) controls matrix for technical and security architecture review.

This service is focused on providing cybersecurity network architecture review and assessment of organizations corporate IT environment. The assessment leverages security best practices and ISO 27001 security control framework for technical and security architecture review.

This service helps organizations maintain due diligence with supply chains by holistically assessing the risk introduced by third parties.

UNICC Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Planning, or Organisational Resilience Management Services, is a comprehensive management and support system for Clients seeking to improve their organizational resiliency and ability to react to events that affect critical services or functions.

Data and Analytics

UNICC offers Data and Analytics services including consulting, implementation and managed services for decision, analytics and information capabilities, executed on a technology platform that supports an organization’s fact-based decision making. 

UNICC offers Analytics and Data Management Services including consulting, design, setup, implementation and support services, on diverse technology platforms and organization’s fact-based decision-making processes.

Analytics services consist of technologies, techniques and solutions to transform raw data into meaningful insight for business analysis and strategic decision-making through structured and unstructured data management. Data visualisation services include enterprise dashboard, reporting, data analysis, data modelling and data discovery. 

Business Intelligence helps Clients to align decisions against organizational goals with consolidated data visualization.

Advanced analytics is the set of techniques used to discover relationships, recognize complex patterns or predict current trends in Client data. Its objective is to model data from internal and external variables in order to obtain useful business insights. Advanced Analytics offers diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics, including data lake and data storage, Big Data management and discovery.

Data management spans  the entire lifecycle of a data assets from original data sources through to final disposition. It involves progress and change throughout data lifetimes for internal and external data streams of an enterprise. Data management platforms and support services, both on-premise and in the cloud, are an all-in-one service including all the necessary hardware, software, hosting and support.

Database services, based on the Database Management System (DBMS) from Microsoft, offer advanced features for hosting critical database systems with high performance in a secure environment. UNICC offers fully managed solutions including all the underlying infrastructure.

Software Services and Cloud

UNICC offers its Clients hosting and delivery of software applications. This includes business applications, business data as well as the underlying cloud platforms and infrastructure tailored to run the software.

AWS management services provide value-added options for Clients who seek to host their applications, platforms and infrastructure in the Amazon Web Services cloud, including a full life cycle support from inception to production in conjunction with architecture, business analysis and application development.

Microsoft 365 Management services help Clients who wish to use the Software as a Service capabilities of Microsoft’s public cloud, from on-boarding to full administration of tenants including support of individual M365 services and

Microsoft Azure Management services provide value added options for Clients who seek to host their applications, platforms and infrastructure in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The service spectrum varies from Clients building and operating services in Azure to UNICC building, deploying and operating these services on their behalf.

Go-to cloud web hosting solutions provide control, security and performance. UNICC offers the required automation, scalability and reliability so that clients are able to focus on development. All major Content Management Systems (CMS) solutions and programming languages are supported.

UNICC’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 services include help with licensing needs, Dynamics 365 configuration, custom development, integration, training and support.

ServiceNow is an integral service that helps organizations adopt a single cloud platform across the IT value chain. UNICC, through ServiceNow services, provide partners an opportunity to quickly transform the employee experience and optimise corporate services so they can focus on business innovation.

This service supports UN Agencies in cloud adoption by providing a fast access to cloud resources, support, advice and technical expertise from leader cloud vendors and suppliers.

Network and Infrastructure Services

UNICC provides computing infrastructure resources that allow administrators and engineers to easily manage networking, data centres and infrastructure elements for their business needs and application stack.

This service includes a wide range of computing service packages, ranging from fully managed virtual server instances to the hosting and management of Client-dedicated physical/virtual frameworks, including vServers, Enterprise Server Support, hosting and provisioning and VMware Support.

These online storage services are based on UNICC’s data centre grade technologies in high-end and mid-range arrays over SAN and TCP/IP networks. With multi-vendor setup (HP, DELL, Violin, ORACLE, NetApp, EMC, IBM and HDS), optional combination environments of SSD for high response time, SAS for high performance, and/or NL for high volume are offered to Clients with around-the-clock monitoring and support in UNICC’s Tier-3 data centre.

This service offers full and scalable backup, restore and archiving solutions with retention options. With automation and scheduling under highly secure
environment, it seamlessly integrates a wide range of operating in VMware infrastructure, with agents for application and direct block-based backup from any storage solution.

UNICC Data Centre Consolidation services is a comprehensive management and support system for Clients data centre/technical equipment rooms. The service provides on-premise management, consolidation, as well as migration and decommissioning services.

Management, maintenance and monitoring of switching and routing infrastructure, wireless access, web proxy, WAN optimisation, load balancing and application delivery controllers, as well as IP address management to ensure networks are available, secure, nimble and responsive to performance and capacity demands.

UNICC offers a secure, shared Internet Access Service from highly redundant infrastructures complemented with firewalls and caching components.

The UNICC OneICTbox support service is a comprehensive infrastructure and platform solution to Client’s field, branch, remote and satellite offices. Through integrated hardware, the service provides support to multiple network and security functionalities covered with 24/7 monitoring and support.

Platform Services

UNICC offers computing platforms that allow administrators and developers to create, run and customise their application suites, including software-as-a-service components.

UNICC offers its Clients a variety of ERP platform hosting solutions and support, to give Partner Organizations integrated views of core business processes, often in real-time. Current solutions include many of the major products from Oracle and SAP.

UNICC provides a secure, high performance and high available hosting environment for web applications. Clients may select a preferred hosting environment and preferred web server. UNICC uses a powerful web analytics software tool for high performance website traffic analysis.

UNICC has proven experience in deploying, managing and supporting Enterprise SharePoint servers and services from basic to very complex installations with multiple environments for production, disaster recovery, development and staging.

Enterprise SharePoint services include Enterprise SharePoint 2013, Enterprise SharePoint 2016, Enterprise SharePoint 2019 and SharePoint Online with M365.

UNICC offers its Clients various data analytics tools to direct and drive business insight. UNICC’s solutions include data analytics and visualisation, business performance management, data warehousing, dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs).