Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Technology has fundamentally changed the way that we produce and consume goods and services. We acknowledge that production and consumption of goods and services drives economic growth and improved quality of life, however we now must do so with fewer natural resources and less environmental impact across. Food waste, e-waste and plastic consumption are some areas where technological support is needed in order to consume and produce responsibly. These technologies would not only help with consumption, it would also help with having a cleaner environment and reducing the effects of climate change.

UNICC's Prado Nieto and Sameer Chauhan with moderator at Wake Up Spain

UNICC Director and Chief BRM Speak at Economic Forum ‘Wake Up, Spain!’

Sameer Chauhan and Prado Nieto share how UNICC’s work is critical in supporting the UN UNICC’s Director Sameer Chauhan and Chief of Business Relationship Management Prado Nieto were invited to speak at the second edition of the Spanish economic forum…

May 9, 20224 min read

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns