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Robotic Process Automation: Working Smarter

New and rapidly developing technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning and robotics hold incredible promise for the advancement of human welfare. They put digital business solutions at the forefront of the delivery of the 2030 Agenda.

UNICC has been fine-tuning many of these new technologies for its Clients and Partner Organizations. Its Robotic Process Automation (RPA+) Centre of Excellence is in place now for several years with over twenty Clients, 50+ automation solutions automating billions of manual transactions, delivering multiple consulting engagements, solution implementation and end-to-end managed services. This eventually translates to giving back thousands of valuable hours to business users and expanding business functions and value within their domains (Finance, Compliance, Travel, HR, Procurement, ICT etc.).

RPA and hyperautomation technologies – what we call ‘RPA+’ – allow us to call on a digital workforce to help us gain immediate operational efficiencies and get closer to business stakeholders and beneficiaries on the ground. Ultimately, RPA+ helps Clients and Partner Organizations build better to deliver on their mandates.

Nagesh Vepa, Head, Hyperautomation Solutions, UNICC

UNICC has supplemented its diversifying RPA portfolio with next-generation hyperautomation capabilities that strengthen the value of automated software processing. This means intelligently integrating it with other strategic technologies. Hyperautomation involves the application of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and intelligent business management software (iBPMS) to increasingly automate processes and augment human labor, automating processes in ways that are much more impactful than traditional automation capabilities. The RPA team is ready to help. Please reach out to us at for a demonstration.


Robotic Process Automation News

Photo: FAO

FAO Embraces RPA for Vendor Sanctions Screening. The FAO Shared Services Centre (SSC) has been working on a project with UNICC, whereby the Joint Sanctions Screening Solution optimises screening of FAO’s vendors against sanctions lists of the UN Security Council, the US Treasury, the EU and the World Bank, improving efficiency, eliminating human errors and reducing operational risk. Read more here.

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World Food Programme Puts Bots to Work. WFP was one of the first UN Agencies to explore the capabilities of UNICC’s RPA CoE, launched in 2019. With RPA solutions, routine manual processes are transformed into automated software programs. This increases organizational efficiency and frees experts to focus instead on innovating, collaborating and motivating each other to achieve the Global Goals. Read more here.

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Streamlining UN Joint Sanctions Screening. The UN Digital Solutions Centre, operated in partnership by WFP and UNHCR, with operational support from UNICC, has developed with the RPA+ Centre of Excellence an RPA solution to streamline time-consuming vendor screening processes, optimising back-office operations for a peace of mind in managing public funds for social good. Read more here or watch the video.

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Hyperautomation for Sustainable Development. UNICC Clients want to deliver end-to-end automation beyond RPA with added technologies for augmenting business processes. Hyperautomation integrates artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and intelligent business management software into RPA processes with significantly more impact than traditional automation capabilities. Read more here.

Digital Solutions Already at Work

Administration and Travel

  • Consultant time sheet management
  • Following up on travel advances
  • Processing telephone bills
  • Travel requests in ERPs

Business Integration

  • ERP – CMS: SAP, Oracle, Workday, ServiceNow, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics
  • Cognitive tool sets, AI, ML and iBPMS
  • Intelligent document processing, OCR
  • Chatbots
  • Custom APIs, MFA


  • Country reporting
  • Financial reconciliations
  • Investment reports & exchange rates downloads
  • Invoice processing
  • UN salary scale uploads


  • Chat bot FAQs
  • Medical clearance forms processing

Human Resources

  • Individual entity screening solution
  • Managing candidate assessments
  • Processing job postings


  • Requisition of funds
  • Shipment invoice processing
  • Vendors screening solution

How We Create Value

Transforming the Nature of Work

RPA value initially comes from quickly automating the routine, repetitive and rules-based tasks that are tedious and time-consuming to do. In periods of high demand or great urgency, these tasks become stressful and costly to scale up swiftly. These are the low-hanging fruit, ripe for automation. They seed the organization for advanced RPA capabilities on the path to hyperautomation. The RPA+ Centre of Excellence is developing a cohort of software solutions to assist in organizational transformation. These solutions help to enable valuable functions that would otherwise be impossible because of current workloads within the organization.

Delivering Business Value 

With a set of RPA solutions deployable in just a few weeks, officers can reinvent work and redefine the roles of their staff, uncovering the talent hidden among employees and contractors in the process. Automation is a liberating force. It unlocks business value rapidly, and it frees up managers to redeploy their talent and resources to do whatever they do best – thus increasing employee engagement and commitment. At its utmost, hyperautomation digitally transforms how an organization delivers business value and service excellence.

Assisting in Sustainable Development

The Hyperautomation (RPA+) Centre of Excellence works on the principles of trust, transparency and accountability with a Client-centric approach. Its team members have both for-profit and non-profit operating experience. They appreciate the cross-cultural and transnational contexts in which UN Programmes, Funds, Specialized Agencies and other entities operate. This deep understanding yields automation solutions fit for purpose and excellent in design, project management and service delivery. The team is only a ping away at

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