Data and Analytics Team Attends Columbia University Career Fair

8 October, 2020

Photo: UNICC

UNICC meets applied analytics students with a potential to join the organization

On October 1, UNICC and its Data and Analytics team attended the Fall 2020 Columbia University School of Professional Studies Applied Analytics virtual career fair. The goal of the event was to connect top-tier employers with talented students. 

UNICC, with a growing Data Analytics programme aligned with UN Secretary General’s Data Strategy, is looking to add two interns to the team to help working on Client data science projects, discovering trends and information hidden in vast amounts of data to improve decision-making and help deliver better services. 

The entire event, including a spotlight session, 1:1 meetings with students and a virtual booth with “office hours,” was conducted using a video-enabled virtual platform.

UNICC needs talented students that are looking to apply their skills to help find solutions to global challenges through data and analytics.

Anusha Dandapani, Chief, Data and Analytics, UNICC

The day started with a 30-minute spotlight session where different UNICC staff introduced the organization and explained what makes it so unique. Approximately 25 students from Columbia’s Applied Analytics Masters programme attended this webinar. 

UNICC’s Director Sameer Chauhan opened with a general overview of who we are, what we do and our mission. Frederic Laval, UNICC’s Chief of Human Resources, encouraged students to ask themselves what drives them and choose a career that is fulfilling. He offered details about available internship opportunities and explained that graduate student interns at UNICC get a chance to gain hands-on experience, work on actual projects and see tangible results of their work, all while getting paid and helping to optimise UNICC team outputs and results. 

Anusha Dandapani, Data and Analytics Chief at UNICC, shared with attendees the details of UNICC’s growing programme and asked students to consider applying to the internships if they wanted to make an impact through analytics. 

When you work at UNICC you contribute to the UN mandate and the 2030 Agenda. At the end of the day you feel you have achieved something, you are working for a better world.

Frederic Laval, Chief, Human Resources, UNICC

The presentation was followed by an engaged Q&A, where Sameer, Frederic and Anusha answered various questions students had regarding the organization, the Data and Analytics programme and the internship description and responsibilities.

After this session, Anusha and UNICC’s Chief of Digital Solutions Ninna Roco met with 22 students in a 1:1 format. In these 10-minute informative chats, students were able to enquire about the data science internship, share their resumes and discuss possibilities. 

During the entire day, UNICC’s virtual booth was open and students were offered the possibility to “drop-in” to converse about careers in a less formal setting.  By the end of the event, over 100 students had visited UNICC’s virtual booth and more than half had submitted their resumes for UNICC’s review. 

The Data Scientist internship positions to join UNICC in New York and Valencia is open for applications until Sunday 11 October. The event was one more successful partnership to leverage skills of graduating students and offer them a chance to put their analytics skills to good use harnessing the power of data for good across the UN family.