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UNICC Shares Job and Internship Opportunities at Career Fairs

The organization participates in a variety of events in UNICC host countries

UNICC is building a dynamic pipeline for its talented workforce, with commitments to gender parity, diversity and inclusiveness. UNICC also supports the UN’s Youth 2030, an ambitious system-wide strategy to guide the United Nations and its partners to work meaningfully with and for young people around the world. With these goals in mind, the organization regularly attends career fairs in countries where it has offices (Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the United States) to share its organizational profile and job and internship opportunities with potential candidates.

UNICC offers internship opportunities for college students in a variety of fields, from all areas of digital business and technology, to enhance their educational experience with professional training and exposure to the organization’s work.

Presentation to the institute of telecommunications and multimedia applications

On 4 November 2021, UNICC colleagues visited the Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications (iTEAM), a research centre integrated in the Polytechnic City of Innovation at the Valencia Polytechnic University (UPV), in Spain. The UPV is currently made up of around 28,000 students, 2,500 teaching staff and researchers, and comprises 13 university centres.

Matilde Gil, Network Infrastructure Architect at UNICC, delivered a presentation together with Ana Ferrandiz, Head of Infrastructure Support Unit at UNICC. The team’s goal was to introduce UNICC and its mission, vision, services and solutions to iTEAM and UPV members.

The iTEAM, who are most specialized in multimedia applications, signal processing, antennas and wireless communication, were very interested to know more about UNICC, and they were happy to share some interesting initiatives that would strengthen common objectives starting with the event Quédate TELECO.

UNICC's Matilde Gil and Ana Ferrandiz with the iTEAM at UPV
Matilde Gil and Ana Ferrandiz with the iTEAM at UPV. Photo: UNICC/Gil

Quédate TELECO

On 17 February 2022, UNICC attended the Quédate TELECO, an initiative organized by the UPV to retain talented students in Spain. The event offered students a platform to meet with representatives of international companies and organizations with offices based in Spain and find out about jobs and career opportunities in the multilateral environment. 100 telecommunications students demonstrated their talent in front of 13 companies and organizations including HP, NTT Data, Ford, Huawei, Power Electronics and UNICC. Matilde Gil, Network Infrastructure Architect, UNICC; Elena Tejadillos, IT Officer – Data Science, UNICC and Celia Gómez, Head of Data Protection and Privacy, UNICC; were there to present UNICC and share more about what it looks like to work at UNICC’s largest office and the organization’s Digital and Cybersecurity Centres of Excellence. The colleagues had a wonderful time with UPV’s employment representatives and professors and met many students and graduates interested in learning more about joining the UNICC family.

Aula De Empresa ETSIT

On 7 April 2022, UNICC participated in Aula de Empresa, an event which is intended to bring the business reality and its needs to Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación (ETSIT) students through the various programs and activities. Victor Benet Anchel, Senior Project Administrator, UNICC; Alexandra Marinoiu, HR Officer, UNICC; Carlos Garcia, Practice Officer – Dynamics, UNICC; Matilde Gil, Network Infrastructure Architect, UNICC and Diego Arista Vinaixa, HR Consultant, UNICC; introduced UNICC and shared what it looks like to work at the leading provider of digital business solutions within the United Nations system with one real case of a project with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

Swiss International Career Day 2022

On 8 April 2022, UNICC attended for the sixth time the 18th International Career Day (ICD) at the Granges-Paccot in Fribourg, Switzerland, an event organized by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). More than 50 multilateral organizations – many of them UNICC Clients and Partner Organizations – provided information for undergraduates and graduates who are interested in a career in the multilateral field about their working conditions and career opportunities. Dimitra Ralli, Head, Service Management Group, UNICC; Frederic Laval, Chief, Human Resources Section, UNICC and Amalia Stein, HR Assistant, UNICC; represented UNICC at the conference. UNICC colleagues did some outreach and advocacy to potential candidates for employment. It is indeed a critical endeavour to ensure that UNICC recruits the best of the young and the innovative to deliver its mandate. It was also an opportunity to reach out to women candidates and promote UNICC’s gender parity strategy. The event was a great opportunity for UNICC to make its work visible and attract new talents.

Forum e 2022

On 11 and 12 May 2022, UNICC took part in the 20th edition of the UPV Forum e job fair (FOROE22) with 90 activities related to employment, entrepreneurship and internationalization. On the first day, UNICC colleagues were on hand for students and candidates visiting the stand and interested in joining the UN family. As part of the activities scheduled for the second day, the team had the opportunity to attend a roundtable regarding employability and present to the audience the different jobs that UNICC offers and the professional careers that can be developed by working within the UN system.

UNICC’s participation in these events speaks to its commitment to SDG 4 Quality Education, SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals.

UNIC​C is an equal opportunity employer​ and encourages a​p​​​​plications from all qualified individuals, regardless of race, gender, nationality, age and sexual orientation. When you join UNICC as an intern, a consultant or a staff member, you will experience a truly international and multi-cultural environment. Interested in joining us? Visit the Working with Us page.

Watch Working With Us video with Spanish subtitles.

Photo: UNICC/Thomsen

UNICC Presents Azure and M365 Services at Microsoft’s UN Tech Huddle in New York

UNICC attended and presented at the UN Tech Huddle event organized by Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact (TSI) team at the Microsoft Technology Centre in New York on Wednesday 13 November. The goal of this day-long event was to bring together ICT experts from different UN Agencies and Microsoft leaders to share the latest cloud solutions for common challenges.

Paolo Valenza, Chief of Cloud Services and Gabriel Galati, Head of Azure and M365 Services unit presented UNICC’s Microsoft Cloud services to many of our UN Clients and other non-profit organisations.  They highlighted UNICC’s role in providing managed cloud services offering support for solutions that reside in the cloud.

Cloud services are building blocks at the base of many other UNICC services.

Paolo Valenza, Chief, Cloud Services

An example of a Data and Analytics service built on an Azure cloud foundation is the Data Lake that ICC developed for OCHA, a centralized repository to store the organization’s raw unstructured data from diverse sources in a properly secured and managed way.

Nitesh Kudva, Information Security Specialist; Leiming Yao, Information Security Specialist and Mikiann McIntosh, Intern in the Information Security team also attended the event. Other Agencies present included ICAO, PAHO, UNDP, UNFPA, UN OICT, and UN Women.

During the day, Microsoft shared the latest on comprehensive solutions and best practices. Other topics on the agenda discussed during the session were the UN’s digital transformation and cloud adoption, Terraform on Azure and the PowerApp Platform.

Our Azure Management Services provides a controlled and secure back-end for solutions that we develop on top.

Gabriel Galati, Head, Azure and M365 Services Unit

Microsoft runs UN Tech Huddles on a quarterly basis in Geneva and New York with the goal of sharing knowledge and expanding the impact of UN organizations. UNICC also attended the UN Tech Huddle in Geneva in October, where Gabriel Galati and Shashank Rai, Chief Technology Officer presented the implementation of OCHA’s Data Lake.

Photo: UNICC/Thomsen

Photo: UiPath/Arjun Iyer

Sameer Chauhan Speaks About Automation and the SDGs at the UiPath Conference

RPA can help the UN save millions on duplicate and manual processes and drive substantive delivery

On October 15, on stage with UiPath’s founder and CEO Daniel Dines, UNICC’s Director Sameer Chauhan spoke to a packed audience at UiPath’s Forward III event in Las Vegas. He engaged the audience on how automation can support digital shared services across the UN family and help accelerate the SDGs.

Sameer attended the two-day conference with Anish Sethi, UNICC’s Chief of Clients and Projects. Anish has been instrumental in setting up a first-class RPA program along with the UN Digital Solutions Center with a number of strategic partners, including major RPA vendor UiPath.

The response was overwhelming, with many private sector groups expressing their interest to help the UN family wherever they could. They offered resources for given projects and expertise in how to develop a Centre of Excellence, widening the web of partnerships between the private and public sector that will make a difference in meeting the SGDs. Indeed, SDGs Goal 17 is all about such partnerships.

The studies we conducted internally in the UN showed us that even if 10% of all of the manual processes we have in our back office are automated or digitized that could potentially save us up to a billion dollars that can then be used to deliver to the substantive missions. So that’s a billion dollars more that can go towards educating kids, taking care of medical disasters, hurricanes and refugees. It becomes a game-changer for us.

Sameer Chauhan, Director, UNICC

Daniel Dines, CEO, UiPath, with Sameer Chauhan, Director, UNICC. Photo: UiPath/Arjun Iyer

In a session driven by UiPath’s founder and CEO Daniel Dines, Sameer had the opportunity to share the mission and mandates of the UN family. He also discussed UNICC’s RPA service and mandate to offer shared digital solutions for UN Agencies. He emphasized the benefits including maximised ROI and economies of scale as well as its domain expertise in understanding its UN partner.

Sameer went on to explain that with an expected rapid adoption of automation in the coming years, the UN could free up to a billion dollars from operational efficiencies that can be reallocated to mission delivery to address key challenges, from educating kids to taking care of refugees.

The goal of the service is to help the UN family reduce duplication of common processes and minimize time spent on manual processes. Together with its strategic partners, UNICC provides a one-stop-shop to facilitate fast adoption of the latest digital technology.

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a key enabler of Digital Transformation across the UN family. It allows automating repetitive manual processes and can save the UN millions of dollars crucial to accelerating the SDGs and creating tangible global social impact.

Automation is also one of the key services that will be delivered by the UN Digital Services Center (UN DSC), an innovation hub recently established by WPF, UNHCR and UNICC. It will design, build, and deploy at scale a suite of digital services that will be available to all UN agencies. The UN DSC includes a Robotic Operations Centre (ROC) and the first automation pilot project is already up and running.