Digital Certificate of Entitlement
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UNICC Joins UNJSPF as a Winner of UN Secretary-General Awards 2021

UNJSPF and UNICC collaboration on the Digital Certificate of Entitlement app

Every year, the UN Secretary-General recognizes the inspiring work of United Nations personnel who have gone above and beyond their duties, or have introduced new ideas with great potential. See the Winners of the 2021 UN Secretary-General Awards.

This year, he recognizes four worthy winners, including UNJSPF and UNICC in the Innovation and Sustainability category, for the Fund’s Digital Certificate of Entitlement (DCE) solution to replace paper-based pension verification processes. See news item from earlier in the year here.

The UN Joint Staff Pension Fund and the UN International Computing Centre won the Innovation and Sustainability category, for developing a Digital Certificate of Entitlement to replace the paper-based verification process.

António Guterres, UN Secretary-General

The UN Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF), in partnership with UNICC, launched the Fund’s Digital Certificate of Entitlement (DCE) app in February 2021, which allows the Fund’s retirees and beneficiaries the option to complete the annual Certificate of Entitlement exercise by providing their annual proof of life in a biometric format. The DCE app is available for free download on Android devices and Apple devices. See the UNJSPF article.

We need to congratulate UNICC for its flexibility in navigating the challenges of implementing the application in the middle of the pandemic. The blockchain technology applied in this Digital Certificate of Entitlement brings about endless possibilities to automate other aspects of the pension distribution process and beyond.

Dino Cataldo Dell’Accio, CIO, UNJSPF

Innovation and sustainability

The Digital Certificate of Entitlement is a state-of-the-art mobile and web-based authentication solution that can verify the identity and location of retirees and beneficiaries, replacing a paper-based process.

It responds to worldwide COVID-19 disruption, is environmentally friendly, delivers organizational efficiencies, is user-friendly and secure and uses new biometric facial recognition, blockchain and global positioning technologies.

Read more about UNICC’s shared services and projects with Client and Partner Organizations.

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UNICC Shares Job and Internship Opportunities at Career Fairs

The organization participates in a variety of events in UNICC host countries

UNICC is building a dynamic pipeline for its talented workforce, with commitments to gender parity, diversity and inclusiveness. UNICC also supports the UN’s Youth 2030, an ambitious system-wide strategy to guide the United Nations and its partners to work meaningfully with and for young people around the world. With these goals in mind, the organization regularly attends career fairs in countries where it has offices (Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the United States) to share its organizational profile and job and internship opportunities with potential candidates.

UNICC offers internship opportunities for college students in a variety of fields, from all areas of digital business and technology, to enhance their educational experience with professional training and exposure to the organization’s work.

Presentation to the Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications

On 4 November 2021, UNICC colleagues visited the Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications (iTEAM), a research centre integrated in the Polytechnic City of Innovation at the Valencia Polytechnic University (UPV), in Spain. The UPV is currently made up of around 28,000 students, 2,500 teaching staff and researchers, and comprises 13 university centres.

Matilde Gil, Network Infrastructure Architect at UNICC, delivered a presentation together with Ana Ferrandiz, Head of Infrastructure Support Unit at UNICC. The team’s goal was to introduce UNICC and its mission, vision, services and solutions to iTEAM and UPV members.

The iTEAM, who are most specialized in multimedia applications, signal processing, antennas and wireless communication, were very interested to know more about UNICC, and they were happy to share some interesting initiatives that would strengthen common objectives starting with the event Quédate TELECO.

UNICC's Matilde Gil and Ana Ferrandiz with the iTEAM at UPV
Matilde Gil and Ana Ferrandiz with the iTEAM at UPV. Photo: UNICC/Gil

Quédate TELECO

On 17 February 2022, UNICC attended the Quédate TELECO, an initiative organized by the UPV to retain talented students in Spain. The event offered students a platform to meet with representatives of international companies and organizations with offices based in Spain and find out about jobs and career opportunities in the multilateral environment. 100 telecommunications students demonstrated their talent in front of 13 companies and organizations including HP, NTT Data, Ford, Huawei, Power Electronics and UNICC. Matilde Gil, Network Infrastructure Architect, UNICC; Elena Tejadillos, IT Officer – Data Science, UNICC and Celia Gómez, Head of Data Protection and Privacy, UNICC; were there to present UNICC and share more about what it looks like to work at UNICC’s largest office and the organization’s Digital and Cybersecurity Centres of Excellence. The colleagues had a wonderful time with UPV’s employment representatives and professors and met many students and graduates interested in learning more about joining the UNICC family.

Aula de Empresa ETSIT

On 7 April 2022, UNICC participated in Aula de Empresa, an event which is intended to bring the business reality and its needs to Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación (ETSIT) students through the various programs and activities. Victor Benet Anchel, Senior Project Administrator, UNICC; Alexandra Marinoiu, HR Officer, UNICC; Carlos Garcia, Practice Officer – Dynamics, UNICC; Matilde Gil, Network Infrastructure Architect, UNICC and Diego Arista Vinaixa, HR Consultant, UNICC; introduced UNICC and shared what it looks like to work at the leading provider of digital business solutions within the United Nations system with one real case of a project with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

Swiss International Career Day 2022

On 8 April 2022, UNICC attended for the sixth time the 18th International Career Day (ICD) at the Granges-Paccot in Fribourg, Switzerland, an event organized by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). More than 50 multilateral organizations – many of them UNICC Clients and Partner Organizations – provided information for undergraduates and graduates who are interested in a career in the multilateral field about their working conditions and career opportunities. Dimitra Ralli, Head, Service Management Group, UNICC; Frederic Laval, Chief, Human Resources Section, UNICC and Amalia Stein, HR Assistant, UNICC; represented UNICC at the conference. UNICC colleagues did some outreach and advocacy to potential candidates for employment. It is indeed a critical endeavour to ensure that UNICC recruits the best of the young and the innovative to deliver its mandate. It was also an opportunity to reach out to women candidates and promote UNICC’s gender parity strategy. The event was a great opportunity for UNICC to make its work visible and attract new talents.

Forum e 2022

On 11 and 12 May 2022, UNICC took part in the 20th edition of the UPV Forum e job fair (FOROE22) with 90 activities related to employment, entrepreneurship and internationalization. On the first day, UNICC colleagues were on hand for students and candidates visiting the stand and interested in joining the UN family. As part of the activities scheduled for the second day, the team had the opportunity to attend a roundtable regarding employability and present to the audience the different jobs that UNICC offers and the professional careers that can be developed by working within the UN system.

UNICC’s participation in these events speaks to its commitment to SDG 4 Quality Education, SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals.

UNIC​C is an equal opportunity employer​ and encourages a​p​​​​plications from all qualified individuals, regardless of race, gender, nationality, age and sexual orientation. When you join UNICC as an intern, a consultant or a staff member, you will experience a truly international and multi-cultural environment. Interested in joining us? Visit the Working with Us page.

Watch Working With Us video with Spanish subtitles.

UNICC at Digital Risk Summit 2022
Photo: Group-IB

UNICC Keynote Speaker at Group-IB Digital Risk Summit 2022

Bojan Simetic shares UNICC’s best practices for brand protection

On Thursday, 26 May, Bojan Simetic, Information Security Specialist at UNICC, presented as a keynote speaker in the Group-IB’s Digital Risk Summit 2022, which brings together independent analysts, cybersecurity experts and representatives of different industries to share the best practices of building, developing and scaling digital security and brand protection strategies in the time of COVID-19 and beyond.

Bojan joined representatives from organizations such as Global Anti Scam Alliance (GASA) ​and EBANK​. He presented on UNICC and its Common Secure Threat Intelligence service, which UNICC currently provides to 32 UN Agencies.

Bojan’s presentation, on Protecting UNICC’s Clients and Partner Organizations against Brand Impersonation, presented the question, “What are the main digital scams we are seeing in the UN Agencies we are working with?” and introduced the Common Secure Threat Intelligence service and its role in exposing the recent scams and building, developing and scaling digital security and brand protection for UNICC’s Clients and Partner Organizations.

Photo: Group-IB

During the discussion, three key questions were raised:

  • What would you evaluate as a top priority threat for your region and industry?
  • What call to action did scammers use to attract users?
  • What additional measures may we consider the game-changer in the scams field?

He detailed three use cases where the UNICC’s Common Secure team used brand protection against scams in which either UN Partnering Organizations are targeted with scams, or their names were just misused in order to obtain money and/or in many cases personal details from the recipients.

Watch the full recording of the event

About Group-IB

Group-IB is one of the leading providers of solutions aimed at detection and prevention of cyberattacks, online fraud and IP protection. Group-IB’s Threat I​ntelligence & Attribution system was named one of the best in class by Gartner, Forrester, and IDC.​

UNPP Rafiki Chatbot
Photo: Pixabay/Tumisu

Meet Rafiki: UN Partner Portal Answer Bot

UNICC builds bot to automate support for a better partnership experience

The UN Partner Portal is a centralized online platform that streamlines partnership opportunity selection between UN Agencies (UN Secretariat, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNHCR and WFP) and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). The portal is managed by UNICC, including ongoing hosting, appdev and communications services.

The portal’s Helpdesk, called Zendesk, has a new helper named Rafiki, which means ‘friend’ in Swahili. It was developed by UNICC’s Application Delivery team to help users of the platform find answers to their most common questions.

The UN Partner Portal is used by UN Agencies and CSO partners to view, apply to and share partnership opportunities. Rafiki is an answer bot that’s able to resolve questions and help solve issues related to onboarding, viewing and selecting partnership opportunities, such as how to register or how to apply for opportunities in the portal.

The Zendesk support was previously handled by a human support team. With Rafiki, the goal is to improve the user experience for UN Partner Portal members by automating as much of the support process as possible, providing answers in real time.

Improving the user experience and responsiveness is the number one factor for a successful platform. Rafiki is our number one.

Vinicius de Souza Antero, Full Stack Developer, UNICC

To access the bot, users can click on the ‘Ask Rafiki’ button that is displayed in the portal after logging in. Rafiki is available throughout the portal to help users at every stage.

Rafiki the answer bot indexes articles available in the UN Partner Portal Resource library and is able to understand human questions (for example “How can I register?”) and find articles containing answers (for example “Registration in UN Partner Portal”). Rafiki offers an option to get in touch with the human support team in case users can’t find the answers they are looking for in the automated replies.

Always ready to help as a friend, Rafiki is a one-stop solution.

Pallavi Kolluri, UN Partner Portal Project Delivery Coordinator, UNICC

Rafiki went live in January of 2022, after the team piloted the technology for two months – to understand how well the bot could interact with the UN Partner Portal resource library. Now, the goal of the team is to keep improving current articles with further details and to add new content to the library, so Rafiki can be leveraged to its maximum potential.

Photo: UN Partner Portal

About the UN Partner Portal

The UN Partner Portal is a centralized online platform that streamlines the partnership selection process between UN Agencies and CSOs, sharing organizational and project information and matching expertise with open opportunities.

The development of the UN Partner Portal draws on decades of successful partnerships between the UN and civil society, consultations with networks of NGOs, as well as best practices in partnership management, to support the harmonization and simplification of business processes.

Five UN Agencies are currently part of the UN Partner Portal: UNFPA, UNICEF, UNHCR, WFP and the UN Secretariat, including some of its offices and departments like DESA, OCHA, OHCHR, UN Habitat, UNEP and UNODC.

Photo: Diplo

UNICC’s Director and Chief of Operations Speak at Diplo’s Science Diplomacy Week Open Forum

UNICC’s Sameer Chauhan and Marco Liuzzi discuss AI solutions for diplomats

On 17 May 2022, Sameer Chauhan, Director, UNICC and Marco Liuzzi, Chief, Operations Division, UNICC spoke at the ’AI as a Tool for Diplomacy and Mediation’ event as part of this year’s Science Diplomacy Week to discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools UNICC has developed and their impact on the work of diplomats, as well as the challenges UNICC faced in order to create a set of needs-oriented tools.

AI as a Tool for Diplomacy and Mediation is a hybrid event organized by the DiploFoundation as part of this year’s Science Diplomacy Week, which took place in Geneva from 16 to 20 May to highlight the current and potential future uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a tool for diplomatic practice and peace mediation. The discussion detailed various applications of AI, in particular in the areas of natural-language processing and image recognition.

Panelists included Dr. Jovan Kurbalija, Executive Director, Diplo and Head, Geneva Internet Platform (GIP); Dr. Katharina Höne, Director of Research, Diplo; Sameer Chauhan, Director, UNICC; Marco Liuzzi, Chief, Operations Division, UNICC; Jovan Njegić, Head, AI and Data Lab; and Dr Andreas Hirblinger, Postdoctoral Researcher, Center on Conflict, Development, and Peacebuilding, Geneva Graduate Institute.

During the discussion, three key questions were raised:

  • What tools have been developed and demonstrated as pilot projects and what is the impact on the work of diplomats and mediators?
  • How can conversations between diplomatic practitioners and developers of AI applications be facilitated in order to create tools that are needs-oriented?
  • Why is this an important conversation to have now and what are some of the current and future challenges?

In a conversation guided by Dr. Jovan Kurbalija, Sameer Chauhan gave a bit of background about UNICC and answered the question of how conversations between diplomatic practitioners and developers of AI applications can be facilitated in order to create tools that are needs-oriented. He gave three use cases with AI solutions deployed and utilized for sensitive negotiations.

Sameer discussed UNICC’s support for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 26) as a first use case, where UNICC developed an AI-based biometrics solution to register over 50,000 delegates worldwide in a short period of time and in a way that minimizes the bias of certain parts of the world where delegates could not be registered. The second use case was analyzing documents where UNICC had to assess a massive number of documents produced in different languages. And the final use case was real-time sentiment analysis on social media for large human rights conferences.

Marco Liuzzi shared with the audience the challenges of AI technology and he focused on the major challenge of the issue of bias and what can be done to avoid that bias from becoming embedded in the AI algorithm. He also shared UNICC’s approach when delivering AI solutions to its Clients and the risks and concerns when AI is applied to specific fields where there is a high impact like diplomacy.

We at UNICC hear our Clients in the sense that the solutions we are providing are needs-based solutions and I think this is very useful in the context of AI. There are these qualitatively new technologies like Machine Learning that we can always refine and make practical for the needs of the UN system and for all diplomats.

Marco Liuzzi, Chief, Operations Division, UNICC

Watch the full stream of the event

Girl participating in an activity at the International Girls in ICT Day 2022 event
Photo: UNICC/Ouyang

ITU, NYC Mayor’s Office, NYU, SG’s Envoy on Youth and UNICC Sponsor an International Girls in ICT Day Event in New York

Design thinking activities inspire girls, young women and women thought leaders

International Girls in ICT Day supports the creation of a global setting for empowering and encouraging girls to consider careers in STEM. After two years of constraints to physical meetings due to the Covid-19 pandemic, UNICC, on 27 April 2022, was able to celebrate this international day again with an in-person event that brought together over 70 girls and women at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

UNICC, together with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the United Nations Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, NYU Tandon School of Engineering and the NYC Mayor’s Office for International Affairs organized an afternoon of group activities and discussion to provide middle school girls and young women from New York with an opportunity to meet women technologists and thought leaders for inspiration and empowerment. 

The event gathered 20 middle school girls aged 12 to 14 from the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens, 13 NYU students majoring in STEM fields like Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Business Technology Management and Integrated Design and Media, as well as 20 women thought leaders from the public and private sector, including Pfizer, Microsoft, Meta, Verizon, Ernst & Young and UN organizations including UNICEF, UN Women, ITU and UNICC.

This event was like a bridge that connected girls with women technologists: girls learned about professional experiences and were inspired by the comprehensive tech thinking of the older women, while the women in tech were amazed by the creative young generation and their courage to stand up and present their ideas in public!

Denian Ouyang, Junior Communications Officer, UNICC

After opening remarks and an ice-breaking activity, the attendees participated in two design thinking exercises led by Leejung Kim, Director of Global Commercial Operations at Pfizer. In the first activity, participants tried to answer the question ‘What can we do to improve gender parity in technology industries?’ Using a variety of craft materials, girls and women collaborated to create models and find solutions to the question.

Answers to the question: 'What can we do to improve gender parity in technology industries?' by girls and women participating in the International Girls in ICT Day 2022
Photos: UNICC/Ouyang

The second theme was ‘Access and Safety,’ for which Leejung Kim introduced four women who live in NYC with safety issues. Participants focused on creating a solution to improve safe public spaces for girls and women, and came up with ideas that ranged from a robotic guard dog, security cameras inside trains, to LED lights that alert authorities when something out of ordinary occurs.

Jeremiah Brent, an interior designer, said “when designing- whether it’s a living room, event space or tablescape, I always want guests to feel as though they are part of the experience.” That’s what I felt participating in the ICT for Girls Day event. I felt that I was very much a part of the experience during those few hours of memorable shares for our purpose in life. 

Myinzu Shwe, Project Manager, UNICC

International Girls in ICT Day was an opportunity to watch young girls in action and work with them to build STEM solutions to empower women. It was a forum that helped me see the younger generation’s viewpoints, understand their perceived challenges and come to a shared understanding of why STEM is important for women and for the world.

Anu Senan, Business Relationship Manger, UNICC

I was blown away by the sheer level of motivation, ambition and intelligence demonstrated by these girls. It was both refreshing and inspiring to be surrounded by such brilliant young  minds and I look forward to seeing some amazing technological innovations coming our way. The future is bright indeed!

Cynthia Shumba, Head, Service Desk Unit, UNICC

UNICC’s Junior Communications Officer Denian Ouyang, Business Relationship Manager Anu Senan, Head of Service Desk Unit Cynthia Shumba and Project Manager Myinzu Shwe participated in the event as role models, sharing their own experiences at UNICC and in the ICT sector. 

UNICC Women at the International Girls in ICT Day 2022 event in NYC
Photo: UNICC/Ouyang

International Girls in ICT Day Celebrations

International Girls in ICT Day is a day recognized around the world and held every fourth Thursday in April to support the creation of a global environment that empowers and encourages girls and young women to consider careers in the growing field of ICT.

In the past years, UNICC has teamed-up with various partners to celebrate this day. In 2018, ITU, UNICEF, WIPO, UN Women, Build ‘n Blaze and the New York City Mayor’s Office together with UNICC brought together 20 young women and men to the Microsoft Technology Centre in New York to meet 20 STEAM professionals. The following year the event took place at the SMART Campus of Cornell Tech with the sponsorship of ITU, Women in Technology and Enterpreneurship in New York (WiTNY), the NYC Mayor’s Office and UNICEF. 

For 2020 and 2021, when it wasn’t possible to have physical meetings, ITU, the Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, the EQUALS Global Partnership and UNICC launched a series of virtual dialogues to keep promoting ICT careers among girls and young women. The Girls and Women Talking Tech interviews have been a big success with 380+ participants to this day, and they continue to inspire young generations of women to pursue careers in STEM, enabling technology companies, academic institutions, economies and societies to benefit from greater female participation in a more inclusive ICT sector. 

Group photo of the over 70 girls and women at the International Girls in ICT Day 2022 event
Photo: UNICC/Ouyang
UNICC's Prado Nieto and Sameer Chauhan with moderator at Wake Up Spain
Photo: El Español/Palazuelos

UNICC Director and Chief BRM Speak at Economic Forum ‘Wake Up, Spain!’

Sameer Chauhan and Prado Nieto share how UNICC’s work is critical in supporting the UN

UNICC’s Director Sameer Chauhan and Chief of Business Relationship Management Prado Nieto were invited to speak at the second edition of the Spanish economic forum ‘Wake Up, Spain!’ to share the value of UNICC in supporting the UN family with technology and digital business solutions: to leave no one behind.

‘Wake Up, Spain!’ is a symposium organized by El Español, Invertia and D+I (Disruptores e Innovadores) with participation of members of the Spanish government, social agents, regional presidents, global business referents and international leaders who discuss topics around learning, growth and sustainability in a Europe of solidarity.

In a conversation guided by Vice Director of D+I (Disruptores e Innovadores) Alberto Iglesias Fraga, Sameer Chauhan and Prado Nieto explained the role of UNICC within the UN and how technology contributes to UN organizations’ humanitarian work.

UNICC is a UN shared services technology hub for over 80 Clients and Partner Organizations, building strategic partnerships to offer the best digital business solutions available in the market to support each organization in achieving its mission, whether it is closing the gender gap, supporting efforts related to climate change or providing food and shelter to refugees.

UNICC supports it Partner Agencies that are on the frontlines in the field during a humanitarian crisis like the war in Ukraine. Technology allows these organizations to be efficient and scale their operations very rapidly, making a real impact. 

Sameer Chauhan, Director, UNICC

Chauhan and Nieto shared with the audience concrete examples of projects where UNICC and its Partner Organizations have worked side by side to use technologies for the greater good, from investigating crimes against humanity with machine learning tools to determining if an electoral processes has been transparent and fair using social media data and automating manual tasks to improve organizational efficiencies.

Alberto Iglesias Fraga also alluded to UNICC´s focus on cybersecurity and its crucial role in making sure all sensitive, digitized data of UN personnel and stakeholders stays secure. In the current geopolitical scenario, the UN is the target of many cyber threats and UNICC works closely with over 40 UN entities for stronger protection, threat intelligence sharing and a joint response to cybercriminals. 

UNICC Director Sameer Chauhan at Wake Up Spain forum
Photo: Invertia

UNICC in Valencia, Spain

UNICC opened its office in Valencia, Spain, in 2012 and established it as the Digital and Cybersecurity Centres of Excellence for the UN. With over 200 personnel now, UNICC’s office in Valencia is the organization’s largest. UNICC, at its Valencia Centres, has the largest footprint of any UN entity in Spain.

When UNICC decided to establish an office in Spain, we considered the good quality of life there and the countries’ appreciation for diversity; Valencia has been very welcoming to our international and multicultural workforce. Additionally, Spain has a lot of talent, in particular in the field of information technologies, from computer engineers to cybersecurity experts.

Prado Nieto Barrantes, Chief, Business Relationship Management, UNICC

Chauhan expressed his gratitude for the support received from both the Valencia regional and Spanish national governments and highlighted that their honest belief in UNICC’s work is highly appreciated.

UNICC staff standing in front of UNICC banner during UN SG's visit to the UN Base in Valencia
Photo: UNICC/Cadinu

UNICC Achieves Gender Parity Commitments for 2021

The organization sets new targets to pave a path towards full gender parity in 2028 

UNICC has made gender, diversity and inclusiveness central to its mission. In 2020, UNICC’s Director Sameer Chauhan joined the International Gender Champions (IGC) network and signed the IGC Panel Parity Pledge. IGC is a leadership community that brings together female and male decision-makers determined to break down gender barriers and make gender equality a working reality in their spheres of influence. 

In becoming a Champion, he set two clearly defined objectives for 2021 to improve gender parity in UNICC, both of which were achieved within the timeframe established.

The first organizational goal was to have a fair representation of women among UNICC Directors, of at least 30%. UNICC’s Executive Committee has now a total of five members, two of which (40%) are women: Milena Grecuccio, Chief of Staff and Chief, Management and Strategy Division and Tima Soni, Chief, Cybersecurity Division.

UNICC aspires to bring gender equity and equality, diversity and inclusiveness into the digital business field. We know what a challenge it is; we know it requires a massive change of mindsets and habits in corporate culture.

Milena Grecuccio, Chief of Staff and Chief, Management and Strategy Division, UNICC

The second objective for 2021 was to have more than 30% women in all recruitment panels at UNICC, excluding human resources representatives, a goal that was also achieved and is a guiding requirement for all recruitment panels in the future.

Also in 2021, Chauhan signed the new IGC Gender-based Violence (GBV) pledge, a commitment to have zero tolerance of GBV or sexist attitudes and behavior, so as to tackle some of the deepest and most harmful norms that prevent the equal rights of women and girls.

New Gender Goals for 2022

After fulfilling these 2021 goals, the organization has set new ambitious objectives for 2022: to appoint a Gender and Inclusion Champion within each of the four UNICC divisions (Management and Strategy, Operations, Clients and Projects as well as Cybersecurity) and to publish and start implementing a gender parity strategy.

The long-term goal of UNICC to which all the yearly objectives contribute is to achieve full gender parity at all levels within the organization by 2028.

UNICC is tasked with delivering scalable digital solutions for the UN family, as effectively and creatively as possible. We can live up to these expectations only by ensuring we have adequate diversity of perspectives – by gender as well as by sexual orientation, nationality and race. 

Sameer Chauhan, Director, UNICC

UNICC is committed to bring gender parity, diversity and inclusiveness into the digital business field. Ending discrimination is crucial to an equitable, sustainable future and it is an accelerator towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

Partners in the New York Office during UNICC's 109th Management Committee meeting.
Photo: UNICC

UNICC Partners Approve New Services at 109th Management Committee Meeting

Over 40 Partners gather in Geneva, New York and online for UNICC’s MC meeting

UNICC’s Management Committee (MC), the organization’s governance body comprised of representatives from 41 Partner Organizations, met on 6 and 7 April for the 109th MC meeting, the first of 2022.

The meeting was conducted as a hybrid, flexible arrangement where Partners could attend in person at the Geneva and New York offices or online from any other corner of the globe. 

A landmark meeting in more ways than one. We saw the launch of several new services and confirmed demand for new ones to be launched. It shows the increasing significance of UNICC as a catalyst and accelerator for the digital transformation of the UN system.

Sameer Chauhan, Director, UNICC

The meeting was chaired by Fabrice Boudou, Director of IT Solutions Division at WTO, together with Vice Chair Anthony O’Mullane, Director, Operations Support Division, Office of Information and Communications Technology, United Nations.

On the first day, the session covered statutory business, with a Director’s Update, extension of Chair and Vice-Chair mandates for another one-year term and nomination of Advisory Group members. 

UNICC Partners Approve New Services

UNICC’s mission is to provide trusted digital business solutions and shared services to the UN family. In this 109th Management Committee meeting, UNICC presented for approval a new suite of services to meet the needs of its over 80 Clients and Partner Organizations.

New services include cloud broker services as well as a suite of cybersecurity assessment services and a revamped organizational resilience service. The new cybersecurity services will serve to better support the system in meeting the Joint Inspection Unit recommendations on cybersecurity and improve the overall cybersecurity posture of the UN family. 

UN System Private Cloud and Data Services

On the second day, UNICC Partners engaged in fruitful discussions around various topics proposed by the Advisory Group, a subset of MC members who work throughout the year with UNICC’s Director.

Partners in the New York Office during UNICC's 109th Management Committee meeting.
Photo: UNICC/Ouyang

After the ‘mezzanine view’ presentation by UNICC Director Sameer Chauhan, the meeting focused on the UN System Private Cloud, a topic already discussed in the 108th MC session in October 2021 and which continues to be of great interest to the community. 

Data and Analytics services were also discussed during the second day. Chief, Data and Analytics Division, Anusha Dandapani, presented on the UNICC Data Action Portfolio, modeled after the UN Secretary-General’s Data Strategy to nurture UN Agencies’ data capabilities and drive data maturity. 

UNICC Director Sameer Chauhan would like to thank all UNICC Partners for being active and supportive members of the MC, especially to Chair Fabrice Boudou and Vice-Chair Anthony O’Mullane for their leadership and steer.