UNICC and Break Through Tech Mark 6th Year of Empowering Youth and Promoting Gender Equality in Tech

2024 Sprinternship Programme

27 February, 2024

Photo: UNICC/Ouyang

UNICC proudly announces the successful completion of its 2024 Sprinternship programme, in a continued effort to bridge gender gaps in the tech industry and empower the youth. This marks the sixth consecutive year of collaboration between UNICC and Break Through Tech, a partnership committed to fostering gender equality and diversity in the technology industry.

From 3 to 24 January, 2024, UNICC hosted five exceptional students from the City University of New York (CUNY). The students, Andrea Nunoo, Emily Klapper, Mary Odetayo, Kayla Dinh and Seungyeon Lee embarked on a three-week mini-internship, delving into two projects that expanded their knowledge of the United Nations and provided an opportunity to learn about cybersecurity and cloud technology fields.

The Sprinterns collaborated with various teams at UNICC, working closely with mentors from the Cybersecurity team in Valencia to draft the 2023 UNICC Cyber Threat Landscape Report, and creating a comprehensive UNICC Cloud White Paper.

In addition to their project responsibilities, the Sprinterns actively contributed to their own professional development. They delivered presentations on the United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals, gaining a deeper understanding of the global impact of technology. Additionally, the Sprinterns had the opportunity to tour the United Nations Headquarters in New York, enhancing their appreciation for the organization’s international work.

Throughout the three-week period, the Sprinterns showcased exceptional learning capabilities, effective time management, creativity and collaboration skills. Their accomplishments received widespread praise from the UNICC community.

UNICC, at all organizational levels, expresses its commitment to the enduring partnership with Break Through Tech. This collaboration remains integral to UNICC’s mission to empower gender parity and inspire the next generation of tech leaders.

As the 2024 Sprinternship concludes, UNICC looks forward to the continued success of this initiative and its positive impact on fostering diversity and inclusivity within the tech industry.

A group photo of 2024 UNICC Sprinterns and colleagues from New York office.
A group photo of 2024 UNICC Sprinterns and colleagues from New York office. Credit: UNICC