UNICC hosts an annual Common Secure Conference with the goal to bring its cybersecurity Clients and Partners Organizations together to increase the UN family circle of trust, share intelligence on cyber practices and provide feedback on UNICC Common Secure services. The multi-day workshop blends vendor and regional stakeholder sessions with feedback, presentations and input from participating Agencies as well as some public and open sessions.

Cyber criminals are collaborating more and more so cybersecurity professionals need to step up on sharing intelligence and information to keep pace with cyber criminals. Common Secure members can envision a UN family to collect and share information to keep our Agencies secure and aware.

Tima Soni, Director of Cybersecurity, UNICC

Common Secure Conference 2023

UNICC is pleased to announce that its annual Common Secure Conference for 2023 will take place as an onsite event at the premises of the United Nations Support Base in Valencia, Spain, on 27-29 September 2023. The purpose of the conference is to develop synergies and enhance collaboration within the UNICC partner ecosystem that comprises UN and UN-like International Organizations as well as partners from the private industry and other entities.

Common Secure Conference 2022

Goals of the 2022 conference were to share cybersecurity thought leadership and best practices, enhancing collaboration within the UN system and with national and international Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs). The conference this year witnessed attendees from nearly 40 UN organizations, keynote speakers and guests from CERTs, academic institutions and top technology companies to share cybersecurity issues, opportunities and solutions, including cybersecurity threats impacting the UN system and the measures they take to mitigate these threats.

Participants shared insights on the ways to implement zero trust, on the future of the cloud and its impact on cybersecurity, UN Privileges and Immunities in the cloud, vulnerability management, threat hunting, security automation, IOT security and DevSecOps. Participating national and international CERTs shared cyber threat experience as well as recommendations for tools and techniques they leverage to respond to cybersecurity incidents. See conference news item.

Common Secure Conference 2021

The Common Secure Conference 2021 was held virtually beginning 16 November and will span across two weeks – 3 days a week and no more than 3 sessions a day. The first week (November 16, 17 and 18) was open and included external guests and speakers to our community. The second week (November 22, 23 and 24) was reserved for the membership community’s internal discussions and presentations, where there were some outside invitees but internal to our world of the UN and international organizations. See conference news item

Common Secure Conference 2020

was held virtually between November 17-19 and November 23-25. There were multiple 3-4 hour sessions on all days with a series of follow-up days on 2-3 February 2021 as well as 26-27 April 2021. Common Secure subscribers were invited to the set of meetings. There were over 100 participants from more than 30 UN Agencies and other international organizations.

Common Secure Conference in 2019

took place at the UNICC office in Valencia, Spain, to introduce the new CSOC Centre of Excellence. Participating Agencies included IFAD, PAHO, WFP, IMD, UNDP, OSCE, UNESCO, and ADB, IOM, WFP, UNDP, UNICEF, ILO, IAEA joined remotely – in addition to participation and presentations from the Computer Emergency Response Teams from the Spanish government and the city of Valencia. Participating partners included the Spanish CCN-CERT, Cynet, IBM, Microsoft, Qintel and the Valencia city Security Operations Centre.