UN Women and UNDP Crisis Bureau Join the UN Partner Portal

24 May, 2023

Photo: UNICEF/Babajanyan

UNICC continues to support the growth and maturity of the inter-agency partnership opportunities platform

UNICC is pleased to announce, in its role providing operations support to the UN Partner Portal, that UN Women and the UNDP Crisis Bureau have joined the other UN agency partners: the UN Secretariat, UNFPA, UNHCR, UNICEF and WFP.

The UN Partner Portal is a platform for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to engage with the UN on partnership opportunities. The UN Partner Portal is designed to facilitate a harmonized, efficient and easy collaboration between the UN and its partners.

We used to deal with hundreds of partners, dozens of technical units in 18 different field offices. The UN Partner Portal helped us organize and structure the process. Now we know where to find partners’ information and how to engage with all stakeholders from the start.

Aziz Ahmed, WFP Programme Officer, South Sudan

New PSEA Module – Coming Soon!
The PSEA module is an interactive, one-stop self-assessment tool for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to evaluate their policies, processes and procedures in line with the United Nations Protocol on Allegations of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA).

How does it work? 

  • CSOs answer self-assessment questions to evaluate their PSEA policies and procedures
  • UN agencies review assessments and make an initial PSEA status determination 
  • CSOs can view the UN agency ratings to understand their progress towards PSEA compliance and then plan accordingly
  • A capacity-strengthening plan is provided to improve CSOs’ capacity in line with UN PSEA protocols.

The tool aims to increase awareness among all participants in the UN program of their responsibilities in protecting against sexual exploitation and abuse.

By the numbers
Since June 2022, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have been engaged with the UN in 8150 partnership opportunities, 4277 partnership opportunities completed, with over 2899 COVID partnership opportunities alone.

UNICEF, WFP and UNHCR are creating and completing opportunities through the UN Partner Portal at record numbers, with UNFPA, the UN Secretariat, UN Women and UNDP Crisis Bureau just starting to use the Portal.

The Tamdeen Youth Foundation (TYF) has trained 14 community health volunteers to provide basic health services as well as deliver three water projects in Masaba, Kaiwan and Sabatbalibogai.

Ahmed Damushki, Civil Engineer, Tamdeen Youth Foundation (UNICEF partner)

The UN Partner Portal project team has a continuous improvement approach, where feedback from UN agencies and CSO users is vital. In Q1 2023, the team ran a survey for a month to gather comments about features, functionalities and use of the platform. 

About the UN Partner Portal

The development of the UN Partner Portal draws on decades of successful partnerships between the UN and civil society, consultations with networks of NGOs, as well as best practices in partnership management, to support the harmonization and simplification of business processes. Benefits include:

  • Learning more about UN partnership processes
  • Registering and creating online profiles once that can be accessed by multiple UN agencies
  • Viewing partnership opportunities from multiple UN agencies
  • Submitting concept notes to UN agencies for funding consideration.

The Portal is designed to encourage harmonization within the UN and it is expected that more UN agencies and their associated CSP partners will join the Portal in the near future.