UNICC Achieves Gender Parity Commitments for 2021

9 May, 2022

Photo: UNICC/Cadinu

The organization sets new targets to pave a path towards full gender parity in 2028 

UNICC has made gender, diversity and inclusiveness central to its mission. In 2020, UNICC’s Director Sameer Chauhan joined the International Gender Champions (IGC) network and signed the IGC Panel Parity Pledge. IGC is a leadership community that brings together female and male decision-makers determined to break down gender barriers and make gender equality a working reality in their spheres of influence. 

In becoming a Champion, he set two clearly defined objectives for 2021 to improve gender parity in UNICC, both of which were achieved within the timeframe established.

The first organizational goal was to have a fair representation of women among UNICC Directors, of at least 30%. UNICC’s Executive Committee has now a total of five members, two of which (40%) are women: Milena Grecuccio, Chief of Staff and Chief, Management and Strategy Division and Tima Soni, Chief, Cybersecurity Division.

UNICC aspires to bring gender equity and equality, diversity and inclusiveness into the digital business field. We know what a challenge it is; we know it requires a massive change of mindsets and habits in corporate culture.

Milena Grecuccio, Chief of Staff and Chief, Management and Strategy Division, UNICC

The second objective for 2021 was to have more than 30% women in all recruitment panels at UNICC, excluding human resources representatives, a goal that was also achieved and is a guiding requirement for all recruitment panels in the future.

Also in 2021, Chauhan signed the new IGC Gender-based Violence (GBV) pledge, a commitment to have zero tolerance of GBV or sexist attitudes and behavior, so as to tackle some of the deepest and most harmful norms that prevent the equal rights of women and girls.

New gender goals for 2022

After fulfilling these 2021 goals, the organization has set new ambitious objectives for 2022: to appoint a Gender and Inclusion Champion within each of the four UNICC divisions (Management and Strategy, Operations, Clients and Projects as well as Cybersecurity) and to publish and start implementing a gender parity strategy.

The long-term goal of UNICC to which all the yearly objectives contribute is to achieve full gender parity at all levels within the organization by 2028.

UNICC is tasked with delivering scalable digital solutions for the UN family, as effectively and creatively as possible. We can live up to these expectations only by ensuring we have adequate diversity of perspectives – by gender as well as by sexual orientation, nationality and race. 

Sameer Chauhan, Director, UNICC

UNICC is committed to bring gender parity, diversity and inclusiveness into the digital business field. Ending discrimination is crucial to an equitable, sustainable future and it is an accelerator towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.