UNICC Partners with Canonical to Build UNICC Cloud

19 October, 2023

Photo: UNICC

The UN system’s private cloud environment will start hosting data and digital solutions in early 2024

UNICC is partnering with Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu and provider of open-source security, support and services, to build and deliver the first secure private cloud environment for the UN system, providing cutting-edge security and data sovereignty for the UN’s most sensitive data and software applications.

Amid growing concern within the UN and among Members States regarding the use of commercial cloud providers for storing and processing sensitive and confidential data, UNICC is working with Canonical to leverage its OpenStack Distribution private cloud software. This open-source solution has unparalleled flexibility and customization, which will allow UNICC to tailor the software to the specific operational needs of the UN system and seamlessly scale while maintaining consistently high performance.

We are excited to partner with UNICC, providing them with our private cloud solution and putting our expertise in open source security and data sovereignty in the service of the United Nations. This alliance enables UNICC to embrace innovative and advanced open-source technologies, while meeting the UN’s specific needs and requirements.

Cédric Gégout, VP Product Management, Canonical

The strategic partnership between UNICC and Canonical is a critical step forward in UNICC’s commitment to the UN system to deliver innovative cloud solutions with a focus on security, open-source technology and data sovereignty.

UNICC Cloud is a game-changer. It will promote innovation, protect UN assets and ensure cost-effectiveness, continuity and reliability. It will provide data and digital sovereignty to our partners and work to underwrite digital security and privacy for the broader UN system.

Sameer Chauhan, Director, UNICC

UNICC Cloud leverages the advantages of cloud computing and the legal protections offered by UN Privileges and Immunities, with the unique added benefit of direct and independent control over data through nodes operated exclusively at UNICC data centres and the guarantee of UNICC’s world-class cybersecurity capabilities. The first node will be located in UNICC’s data centre in Valencia, Spain, thanks to the generosity of the Spanish government. Discussions to create additional nodes are underway with various UN Member States.

OpenStack is a free, open-source software (FOSS) cloud computing platform with all the associated security benefits, which combined with UNICC’s stringent protocols guarantees that sensitive data remains safeguarded from threats and breaches.

In addition to the top-notch security and full data sovereignty, UNICC Cloud offers other distinct advantages to UNICC partners, most notably price transparency and cost predictability, which when combined a high degree of scalability, will allow the UN system to grow its private cloud infrastructure in a cost-efficient manner.

The hardware and software for the first node are currently being installed and configured. UNICC Cloud is expected to go-live by Q1 2024.


The United Nations International Computing Centre (UNICC) has over 50 years of experience as the largest strategic partner for digital solutions and cybersecurity within the United Nations system. We design and deploy transformational digital tools and programmes to support over 90 partners in fulfilling their mandates.

About Canonical

Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, provides open-source security, support and services. Our portfolio covers critical systems, from the smallest devices to the largest clouds, from the kernel to containers, from databases to AI. With customers that include top tech brands, emerging startups, governments and home users, Canonical delivers trusted open source for everyone.