Green Climate Fund Delivers Correspondence Management Training with UNICC Learning Team Guidance

25 August, 2020

Photo: Pexels/Ferguson

UNICC has built a customised, self-paced course to train Green Climate Fund (GCF) personnel in the management of official and executive correspondence in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

GCF uses the Microsoft Dynamics Executive Correspondence Management system for official and executive correspondence, including postal letters and electronic mail, tracked upon receipt and replied to in a timely manner. Users of this effective and complex system require training to best realise its benefits.

The goal of the course developed by UNICC is to provide a clear understanding of system roles, responsibilities and processes for all stakeholders, including personnel at the Office of the Executive Director, Division staff, Team Assistants and Focal Points.

We are truly grateful for the UNICC team’s tremendous energy and appreciate the relationship we have established during the project, with easy, reliable and practical communications. We are impressed by the course and are excited to start testing the training!

Kate Myounghee Kim, Business and Solution Analyst, Green Climate Fund

Photo: UNICC

For targeted and efficient instructional design, the UNICC Learning Services team worked closely with a GCF subject matter expert familiar with the Dynamics CRM Correspondence Management system, its policies and procedures, to identify user needs and shape the training accordingly.

The course contains seven modules that amount to an estimated duration of 150 minutes. There is a total of 132 interactive screens for users to learn about the different subjects, including an introduction to the course, a system and process overview and a ‘how-to’ guide for all processes. The content is based on Green Climate Fund’s administrative information knowledge base.

The UNICC team, including training coordinator Katia Distante, graphic designer Lorena Henriquez and instructional designer Adrian Pugh, delivered interactive assessments of various questioning types for users to answer at the end of each module, as well as a final assessment of 25 questions based on the contents of each module. To confirm the knowledge transfer, learners receive feedback after tests and can retake unsuccessful questions. At the end of the training, students can download a Certificate of Completion.

The training has been developed using Articulate Storyline 360, compliant with the Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and was executed following Success Approximation Model (SAM) principles.

Photo: UNICC

Microsoft Dynamics 365, as a shared services offering from UNICC, offers the UN family a 360-degree view of contact management across an organization. For more information on Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Learning Services, please reach out to [email protected].