UNICC Information Security Awareness Services Go Live with MediaPro

18 March, 2020

Photo: Pexels/Christina Morillo

Creating a culture of Cyber awareness

UNICC has begun a shared service for information security awareness, with an expanded team and an agreement in place with an industry-leading learning platform company, MediaPro.

To date, UNDP, CTBTO and UNICC have launched their awareness services with the new learning platform, with a handful of other Agencies interested to join or already in the pipeline.

UNICC has been offering strategic advisory services to help organizations set up state-of-the-art, effective information security awareness programmes and now is offering an agreement for cost-efficient use of a cloud-based, industry-leading cloud-based learning lab, as well as communications and training support.

This includes developing information security awareness strategy/roadmaps, delivering and supporting the new MediaPro Learning Lab awareness platform and delivering awareness programs, events, training and communications.

Client benefits include tools to develop a security-focused culture, empowering employees, protecting assets and increasing adoption of user security best practices. UNICC has helped a dozen UN Agencies with awareness strategies for state-of-the-art, effective information security awareness programmes.

The learning lab awareness platform offers global education for an organization’s personnel and targeted non-technical education for specific groups of users (e.g. C-suite, finance, emergency response, ethics and compliance), staff with sensitive roles for the business.

There are also detailed, technical training courses for staff with ICT related roles, for developers and other staff in technical/business/functional units across an organization.