Stay Safe: An Inter-Agency Cyber Security Event at UNICEF

7 October, 2019

Photo: UNICEF/Tsegaye

Advancing organizational mandates with strong cyber security programmes

22 October 2019 | 9:00 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. | Henry Labouisse Hall | UNICEF House (3 UN Plaza)

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (U.S. Department of Homeland Security, ENISA in Europe and more widely). This has involved awareness events, hosted by UNICEF in 2017 and by UN Women in 2018, to raise awareness about the importance of cyber security, information protection and data privacy within the UN. A key message continues to be how to stay secure when digital business and the Internet touch most aspects of our personal and work lives.

This awareness event seeks to engage and increase user awareness among participants through interactive discussions and presentations on the challenges and opportunities that we all face in the digital world, both (externally) private sector and internally (UN Agencies).

This year’s event features a keynote speaker, Agency executives, programme and technology participants, a roundtable forum and small-group information sessions (kiosks) over the course of the morning. Topics include United Nations and private sector perspectives on information protection/data privacy, Privacy by Design, personal data and PPI, linking concepts and policies to good practices, as well as how information management affects and aligns to organizational mandates and delivery.


  • Jorge Torres, Chief, IT Security, UNICEF
  • Sammy Njoe, Deputy Director, Solution Centre and Support, UNICEF
  • Anish Sethi, Chief, Clients and Projects, UNICC
  • Luca Baldini, Director, Information Technology and Solutions Office, UNFPA
  • Keynote: Aradhna Chetal, Global Head of Cloud Security Architecture, HSBC.

Panel discussion  (including speakers)

  • Jorge Torres, Chief, IT Security, UNICEF
  • Thomas Braun, Chief, Cybersecurity Section, Office of Information and Communications Technology, UN
  • Mila Romanoff, Data Governance and Policy Lead, UN Global Pulse
  • Paul Raines, CISO, UNDP
  • Sachiko Hasumi, CISO, UN Women
  • Aldo Gomera, Information Security Officer, PAHO
  • Tima Soni, CISO, UNFPA and UNICC and Chief, Information Security Services, UNICC
  • Moderated by Monica Price, Cyber Security Awareness Consultant, UNICC.

Kiosks and social networking

Inter-Agency cyber security experts on data privacy, information and child protection, borderless information, cyber-enabled crime and information security awareness.

Staff of participating organizations in New York welcome (with UN badge for entry).