WHO’s 5 Moments of Medication Safety App

19 September, 2019

Photo: World Bank/Chavez

Agile App Dev on the move

​The World Health Organization, with a launch from the WHO Director General, showcased its new medication safety mobile app, designed and implemented by UNICC during 4th Global Ministerial Summit in Jeddah, 2-3 March 2019. This is a first-ever WHO mobile app for consumers (see news). Patient safety in health care has become a serious global concern in recent years.

Although health systems differ from country to country, many threats to patient safety have similar causes and often can be addressed by similar solutions. The Summit brings together international patient safety experts, political decision-makers and other stakeholders involved in the global movement for patient safety.

First-ever WHO Mobile App for Public Consumption

The new My5MedsafeMoments mobile app represents cutting-edge digital technology in healthcare safety and quality. This patient education tool, called 5 Moments of Medication Safety, works as a ready reckoner for patients to remember things to ask to care provider and precautions to take around medication.

Other New Mobile Apps from UNICC

UNICC has completed a mobile app for the International Court of Justice (ICJ). It is basic toolkit, which is an interactive product intended for the use of the public, providing a brief overview of the Court. The mobile app also serves as an effort to promote its image and also contribute to a number of associated communications advantages for users of mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.

The App Dev group has also completed a mobile app for UNICC users for the UNICC Service Catalogue, to be used primarily by the Business Relationship Manager team to access service details when on calls or in meetings with Clients.