UNICC Business Roundtable on Robotic Process Automation with Clients in New York

26 June, 2019

Photo: UNICC

UNICC hosted a business roundtable on Robotic Process Automation (or RPA) on Wednesday 26 June for Clients and Partner Organizations primarily located in New York. The value of the new business roundtable is to provide face-to-face sessions where Clients can shake hands and get questions answered in person, providing value in streamlining and personalizing business relationship management.

RPA, of course, is an emerging form of business-process-automation technology based on the notion of software robots, chat bots and/or artificial intelligence (AI) workers. RPA is especially relevant to automating processes with a high level of repetition or regularity, saving hundreds of man- or woman-hours for basic process interventions.

Anish Sethi, Prado Nieto and Venkat Venkateswaran took leading roles in providing updates and information. There were 30 people, from UNFPA, UNDP, UN Secretariat, UN Women, OIM (IMD), and including UNICC’s partner UiPath, with several colleagues led by Arjun Iyer, V.P. Partner Management America at UiPath.

Anish introduced the session by reminding participants that the Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) services and new partnerships are in alignment with the UN Secretary-General’s Strategy on New Technologies, defining how the United Nations system will support the use of technology to accelerate the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

UNICC RPA Services Benefits

  • UNICC will create value by providing the ‘best-of-breed’ and ‘absolute fit-for-purpose’ RPA solutions in order to create value cross the UN family
  • With strategic long-term partnerships directly with world-leading platform vendors like UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere etc., UNICC will ensure overall Quality Assurance and Advisory right throughout the RPA journey
  • Working closely with acknowledged and excellent implementation RPA specialists, UNICC will manage the entire program delivery, and be the single point of contact accountable for the highest quality of delivery and support.

UNICC in partnership with UiPath (and several other vendors) envision a set of Centers of Excellence that allow for flexibility in hosting and managing RPA interventions through UNICC. UNICC, Clients and UIPath shared use cases and demos illustrating the value and particular contexts for RPA use in the UN system.


  • Introductions
  • UNICC’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services
  • Partnership Showcase (UiPath)
  • Q&A, Next Steps.
UNICC will be eager to continue to share these new approaches and directions with Clients worldwide.
For more information, contact [email protected].