Photo: ICC

UN ICT Network Security Summit with Microsoft Tech for Social Impact (TSI)

New ICC Partnership with Microsoft

​ICC partnered with Microsoft, with a co-sponsorship from UN OICT and UNICEF, to organize and host a half-day Security Summit in the context of the ICT Network meeting in NYC on 26 October. This summit provided a moment of unique opportunity for all UN ICT Network organizations to get together for some joint reflection over the most recent trends in cyber threats and corresponding approaches to cyber defense and security.

Participant organizations, from the UN Secretariat, UNICEF, ICC, UNJSPF, UNFPA, IMD, PAHO, IMF, CTBTO, IAEA, UNWTO, and UNHCR and others, had the opportunity to better understand key challenges and threats affecting global digital security, while understanding fundamentals and needs for an effective defense and protection of the UN system, while leveraging in the best way possible all the tools available on the current Microsoft 365 platform already in use by most of the UN system organizations. Alex Pinho, Global Lead of the Tech for Social Impact Group at Microsoft, was quick to welcome all participants and highlight the new partnership between ICC and Microsoft, considering ICC as a trusted broker to work with other UN Agencies in deploying security solutions including those from Microsoft.

The sessions included the opportunity to hear Salem Avan, Director, Global Services Division at the United Nations, give his perspective on UN cybersecurity and a cyber defense agenda, understanding the latest principles and trends of intelligent modern security, with a deeper look into Microsoft 365 integrated Security Suite and the way to best leverage for and  UN system protection, with a virtual visit to one of the most advanced cyber defense centers at global scale, closing with a joint reflection and alignment on the key security principles that should be followed by all UN organizations.

ICC has been working all fall with the Microsoft Tech for Impact Group to set up a new strategic partnership to give a new role to ICC for UN Agencies and other related institutions, including Cloud Solution Provider and MS Security Certified Partner status.

Marco Liuzzi and Nitesh Kudva presented on behalf of ICC, introducing ICC’s strategic relationship with Microsoft and looking under the hood at some of ICC’s infosec services, including the Common Secure Threat Intel Network services and ICC’s brand-new Common Secure Operations Centre (CSOC). The session took place at the Microsoft Technology Center in New York, located at 11 Times Square (between 41nd street and 8th Avenue).

There was a strong participation of all the UN ICT Network organizations that speaks to the need for a strong conversation, good collaboration and shared services to get cyber security right.