UNICC Director’s Report 2016-2017

12 June, 2018

Photo: ADB

Please note that the Director’s Report for 2016-2017 is now available. As in previous years, the document fulfills two goals:

  • Reporting back to the Management Committee on the work undertaken by UNICC over the biennium and providing the financial reports of that biennium
  • Providing an overview of UNICC for Clients, potential Clients and potential employees.

The Director’s Report 2016-2017 is up-to-date with a lot of timely information about UNICC, including our services, our biennium delivery highlights and our staff. It may be a good vehicle to share with new and current Clients, strategic partners and prospective talent.

Based on the stated goals, the two parts of the report have different classification and distribution categories. The main report is unclassified and public, while the appendix to the report is confidential, for UNICC internal and Management Committee members only.

You can access the Director’s Report 2016-2017 from the main page footer of this website.

Thanks to all who provided updates to ensure that we show a professional and accurate view of what we have done and what we do at UNICC.