Photo: Asian Development Bank

New Clients and Partner

ICC’s client base is growing with several new members.

ADB, ICJ and STL join the ICC family

ICC greatly values its close relationship with Clients. These include our Partner Organizations (those with membership or representation in ICC’s Management Committee), other United Nations programmes, funds or entities, as well as related not-for-profit organizations.

ICC has taken great strides over the past two years in setting out its strategic positioning through to the end of this decade.

The key outcome is that ICC will strive to be the preferred global one-stop shop for everything Information and Communications Technology (ICT) related that can be shared between members of the United Nations family (as well as with related not-for-profit organizations), offering superior services at competitive prices in a fast-evolving ICT environment.

New Clients and Partners include:

ICC welcomes all three to the growing family of organizations that benefit from ICC’s expertise and complex knowledge about Client ICT environments, including business efficiencies, cost savings, and volume discounts based on the scale of engagements.