El CICENU y ServiceNow en Geneva

24 enero, 2023


Los clientes del CICENU aportan valor a las soluciones de gestión de servicios basados en la nube

On 2 December 2022, UNICC and ServiceNow organized a roundtable event in Geneva to showcase the achievements of their strong and evolving partnership over the past few years. The main objective of the joint session was to learn from UNICC Partner Organizations about their service management implementations and establish a robust networking among them to further support each other in these kinds of projects.

The event began with opening remarks by Sameer Chauhan, Director, UNICC, Prado Nieto, Chief Business Relationship Management at UNICC, Anne-Sophie Watelet, Enterprise Account Executive at ServiceNow and Dino Minichiello, Sales Director at ServiceNow on how the partnership between UNICC and ServiceNow has supported innovative solution implementations at Client organizations including FAO, UNHCR and WTO.

It’s a pleasure for us to organize this roundtable to share with you all a few use cases of what we have achieved throughout our solid partnership with ServiceNow, in which we have designed unique, new and modern solutions and technologies from scratch for our partners including WTO, UNHCR and FAO to help them pursue their missions and achieve their goals.

Sameer Chauhan, Director, UNICC

Nick Tzitzon, Chief Strategy & Corporate Affairs Officer at ServiceNow then provided an overview of the trajectory of growth for Service Now as well as its partnership with UNICC. With a focus on how the pandemic and other global events have affected organization’s abilities to adapt and to implement technology, Tzitzon emphasized the challenging process that organizations are grappling with to shift to current digital practices, with technology infrastructure and architecture that was typically designed from 40 or 50 years ago.

What UNICC has done as the gateway for ServiceNow into the UN and its member Agencies is very unique and extremely progressive. The opportunity we believe that exists from working together to help UNICC serve its member Agencies by creating unique, modern, disruptive, innovative solutions on the ServiceNow platform is one of the most exciting opportunities we have in the world.

Nick Tzitzon, Chief Strategy & Corporate Affairs Officer, ServiceNow

FAO, WTO and UNHCR are among the Clients who are benefiting from these new services. Below are use cases from FAO and WTO.

Delivering for FAO
Andrea Nagy, Client Support Officer at FAO then described the ServiceNow solutions of FAO’s Shared Service Center (SSC) and IT and Maintenance services which were adopted through the support of UNICC and ServiceNow. The Service Management platform has helped FAO:

  • Improve the client service experience with a consolidated platform to manage customer interactions
  • Standardize processes by using custom forms to gather all the relevant information
  • Improve customer experience by providing a portal to customers, with real-time status of their cases, sharing knowledge, and improving communication
  • Improve traceability by recording and tracking all communications, changes, activities and measure
  • Reduce effort for reporting by having automated reports in the platform
  • Measure the service level agreement (SLA)
  • Increase Client satisfaction feedback by sending out customer satisfaction survey automatically.

This implementation of this project consists of three phases, with the successful completion of Phase 1 in January 2022. This included the migration of incident management to ServiceNow, the transmission of SSC communication from 14 generic emails to service requests and assessing feedback from clients after launch. For Phase 2 and 3, FAO is working on:

  • Registration for external suppliers and clients
  • Development of internal metrics OLAs
  • Skills management and Machine Learning (ML)
  • Further automatization of processes
  • Oracle integration (data visibility from Oracle)
  • Additional language options (French and Spanish)
  • Virtual agent/chatbot
  • Mobile app for analysts
  • Problem management.
Credit: FAO

The FAO Service Management portal strives to enhance accessibility for its end users. In a prominent example, this includes FAO employees to be able to access the organization’s resources via Single Sign-On, to have a single integrated Service Management portal for SSC, IT, and Maintenance services and to have a knowledge base with easy-to-use search features for clients and analysts.

Delivering for WTO

Ronald Jans, Head, IT Services Branch at WTO then discussed how the joint UNICC and ServiceNow integrated Service Management solution has helped WTO enhance efficiency through better service delivery, assessing and assisting with updating their ten-year old service management system with automated processes.

The WTO ServiceNow implementation has full cloud security, cost efficiencies and enterprise business process support. It allows WTO to digitize and automate siloed processes, dramatically improving the service management experience across the organization. The platform optimizes processes, connects data and organizational entities and accelerates innovation at scale with a single platform for digital business.

On top of this, monitoring and reporting tools mean that WTO has metrics at their fingertips to meet indicators with quality performance data.

From WTO’s initial objective to migrate the legacy ITSM solution to a market leading solution like ServiceNow, UNICC has been the perfect partner to allow us to meet this objective. And to go far beyond. Going out on our own to manage such a project was not feasible in terms of budget nor resources necessary. The UNICC ServiceNow team has filled the missing gap. With UNICC, a fast and efficient path became available to migrate the legacy solution and improve many ITSM processes while providing valuable additional data invisible before but critical for ITSM governance.

Ronald Jans, Head of IT Services Branch, WTO

Onwards and Upwards
Active communications and collaboration has been established between the different partners that were in the roundtable, not only during the event but after it, and UNICC is proud to have fostered this kind of collaboration between partners who can learn from each other about streamlined and beneficial setup of ServiceNow for each of their enterprise programmes.

I want to thank all of the attendance, our friends from UNICC and our testimonials UNHCR, WTO and FAO. This was our first roundtable and what we want to create with you is a ServiceNow United Nations community. We want to learn from each other. We want to know how we can support and improve your missions with our technology.

Simona Turla, Global Service Provider, ServiceNow