Information Security

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See also Common Secure Information Security Awareness 

ICC’s information security services,​ as part of a wide range of expanding professional services, cover cyber security oversight and governance as well as operational components:

  • Governance and CISO Support Services – A proper Information Security Management System (ISMS) framework mitigates the risk of exposure of an organization to a high risk of negative reputational impact, loss of valuable information, exposure to malicious acts as well as sophisticated and complex cyber-attacks. Institutions without an identified person (or group) responsible for overall information security – including an established governance group, enterprise information security & risk management framework, acceptable policies, vulnerability management, compliance checking, awareness training, auditing, security incident response, as well Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity – are susceptible to exposure, attacks, financial damage as well as an unquantifiable loss of information. Based on its proven record of accomplishment in managing end-to-end Information Security, ICC offers Common Secure Governance and CISO Support Services (formerly CISO-as-a-Service). This is an Information Security Management System service with the goal to protect organizational assets, intellectual property, sensitive data, and reputation. The service leverages the shared expertise umbrella of UN Clients and is adaptable to any Client’s needs.
  • Common Secure Threat Intel – This ICC information security service functions primarily to share timely, relevant and actionable physical and cyber security threat and incident information. This enhances the ability of the United Nations to prepare for, respond to, and mitigate risks associated with these threats. It offers continuous, reliable and timely information gathering from Agency members, commercial security firms, service providers, federal, state and local government agencies, law enforcement and other trusted resources. It works to build relationships with the cyber community on behalf of the United Nations system and develop a reputation for excellence. Common Secure is positioned to disseminate cyber threat alerts and critical information to organizations across the world.
  • Common Secure Operations Centre (CSOC) – Many ICC Clients have implemented cyber security initiatives including Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, endpoint detection and response tools, firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and threat detection and analytics tools. ICC Clients subscribe to Microsoft and Amazon cloud services, which generate continuous security alerts of various severities. The CSOC involves a specialised unit that monitors, analyses, and responds to cybersecurity events generated by these initiatives using a combination of technology solutions and processes. The CSOC is staffed with experienced and skilled cyber security practitioners who have deep knowledge of cyber threats, with matrices and service level agreements that enable Clients to respond to security incidents in a timely manner. SOC analysts work closely with organizational incident response teams to ensure security issues are addressed quickly upon discovery.
  • Common Secure Information and Event Management (CSIEM) – Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions and services are typically part of an organizational security operations regime.). They provide real-time analysis of security alerts generated by applications and network hardware. ICC’s Common Secure SIEM services (CSIEM) gather, analyse and present information from network and security devices, including identity and access-management applications, vulnerability management and policy-compliance tools, operating system, database and application logs, external threat data assessment as well as providing log auditing, review and incident response. A well-managed CSIEM is a pre-requisite for any successful Security Operations Centre (CSOC). ICC provides a managed CSIEM service, helping Clients to configure business and organizational specific use cases, fine-tuning the CSIEM to reduce false-positives and align systems to organizational security requirements. Clients can benefit from standardised use cases provisioned by ICC for other Partners. Additional security services complement the CSIEM service, such as Common Secure Threat Intel Services and Common Secure Security Operations Centre (CSOC).
  • Information Security Operations – With the proven track record of ICC’s hands-on experience in conducting cyber security operations at all levels for all ICT components, this service includes one-time as well as ongoing activities within a given Information Security governance framework, ISO27001, as well as related standards and vendor recommendations. Operational services include the implementation and monitoring of enterprise antivirus systems, periodic vulnerability scanning and coordination of follow-up actions, log reviews and analysis, periodic alignment of account/credentials, as well as perimeter and firewall rules management. Additional services include:
  • Phishing Simulation Services
  • Vulnerability Management Services
  • Penetration Testing Services
  • Incident Response and Forensic Services
  • Network and Infrastructure Support Services
  • Information Security Awareness​

ICC is certified with the ISO 27001 standard and offers consulting services to assist other Clients to obtain this key Information Security Management System certification.

ICC is a 2020 winner of the CSO50 Award for information security. See details.

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