Data Centre Consolidation Services

ICC Data Centre Consolidation Services (DCCS) is a comprehensive management and support system for Clients data centre / technical equipment rooms. The service provides on-premises management, consolidation, as well as migration and decommissioning services.

Having ICC manage data centre services allows the ICC Partner the freedom to focus on their core business, while knowing that their ICT infrastructure is cared for in an effective and professional manner.

ICC’s value-added expertise and experience in ICT infrastructure management also allows ICC Partners the ability to consolidate its infrastructure before, during and after Cloud migrations. DCCS service features can allow the Client to

  • Manage ICT infrastructure –- on site or remotely
  • Support migration to virtual or container technologies
  • Help perform hardware refreshes – updating to newer equipment
  • Decommission outdated infrastructure
  • Relocate equipment to other data centres (such as the ICC shared service data centres). ICC currently manages Tier-3 data centres. Server hardware is monitored continuously to ensure highest availability.

Client benefits include:

  • Provides end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions and single point of access to information
  • Complies with security operations for all ICT components in an ISO 27001 governance framework
  • Gathers, analyses and presents information from analytics and Business Intelligence perspective
  • Proven development and integration experience of Business intelligence solutions in the organizational environment.

See our ICC Services booklet for more information or contact a Business Relationship ​Manager at