Photo: ICC/Cadinu

Common Secure Conference

UNICC hosts an annual Common Secure Conference with the goal to bring its information security Clients and Partners Organizations together to increase the UN family circle of trust, share intelligence on cyber practices and provide feedback on UNICC Common Secure service. The two-day workshop typically blends vendor and regional stakeholder sessions with feedback, presentations and input from participating Agencies.

The Common Secure Annual Conference will be held virtually between November 17-19 and November 23-25. There will be multiple 2 to3 hour sessions on all days. Common Secure subscribers will be invited to the set of meetings.

Please let us know if you have any further external speakers or Agency sessions you would like to present or any colleagues or stakeholders you would like us to invite.

Agenda (draft and under development)

External speakers

  • Mark Ryland, Director of the CISO Office, AWS
  • Steve Faehl, CTO , Microsoft US Security
  • Krassimir Tzvetanov, Security Researcher, Purdue University

Internal sessions:

  • FAO
  • IAEA
  • PAHO
  • UNDP

In 2019, the conference was held at UNICC’s CSOC and Centre of Excellence in Valencia, Spain.

Cyber criminals are collaborating more and more so cyber security professionals need to step up on sharing intelligence and information to keep pace with cyber criminals. Common Secure members can envision a UN family to collect and share information to keep our Agencies secure and aware.

Tima Soni, Chief, Cyber Security Section, UNICC

Participating Agencies included IFAD, PAHO, WFP, IMD, UNDP, OSCE, UNESCO, and ADB, IOM, WFP, UNDP, UNICEF, ILO, IAEA joined remotely – in addition to participation and presentations from the Computer Emergency Response Teams from the Spanish government and the city of Valencia. Participating partners included the Spanish CCN- CERT, Cynet, IBM, Microsoft, Qintel and the Valencia city Security Operations Centre.