Common Secure Conference 2022

2022 Common Secure Conference

UNICC Common Secure and UNDP Cybersecurity for Developing Nations Conference with FIRST

3-7 October 2022 | Valencia, Spain

The United Nations International Computing Centre (UNICC) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) are pleased to announce that the 4th Annual Common Secure Conference and the 5th Annual UNDP Cybersecurity for Developing Nations Conference will take place as an onsite event in Valencia, Spain, from the 3rd to the 7th of October 2022. The Conference will include the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) Technical Colloquium.

The purpose of the conference is to share best practices, develop synergies and enhance collaboration within the UN system and with National and International Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs). Thought leaders will share innovation and knowledge among participants, including UN Agencies, national cybersecurity experts, industry and academia. During the conference, UNICC and UNDP will deliver Security Incident Response Training, based on the FIRST curriculum. The conference will conclude with a Capture the Flag exercise for technical audiences and a tabletop exercise for cybersecurity practitioners.

Agenda and Speakers

03 Oct

Cyber threats impacting the UN system

Day 1 is reserved for internal challenges that cybersecurity practitioners from UN organizations are facing in their work and how they overcome them.

Opening and greetings

Sameer Chauhan
Director, UNICC

Tima Soni

Chief, Cybersecurity Division, UNICC

Security automation journey

Chen Zhao, Head,
Security Engineering
and Operations , ADB

P&Is Panel
WTO, WFP and UN Women

Do more with less

Martin Paulinyi
Operations, WHO

The power of correlation

Gabriella Andriuzzi
Cybersecurity Associate Analyst, UNICC

Deep dive investigation

Francesco Picasso
Cybersecurity Incident Handler, UNICC

Tackling Source Code Review
from a security prospective at
the IAEA

Ingo Naumann
Security Systems Engineer, IAEA

Technical controls as
assurance of UN P&I in
cloud environment

Sebastien Vanegas
Data Protection
Specialist, WFP

04 Oct

Cybersecurity topics by thought leaders and practitioners

Day 2 is reserved for presentations on cybersecurity threat landscapes by Member States and seasoned speakers

Win the cyber war with Zero Trust

John Kindervag
Founder of Zero Trust

Evolution of Cyber at WFP

Katherine Gagnon


The situational Threat Picture – What is it for?

Marc Henauer, Head
MELANI Operation
Information Centre

Spain cybersecurity threat landscape

Alvaro Gascon
CCN-CERT Incident
Response Team Leader

The evolving threat landscape

Elenor Fairford, Deputy Director, Incident Management, UKNCSC

SURGe-ing ahead of the threat landscape

Mick Baccio, Global Security Strategist, SURGe, Splunk

The industrial cyber threat landscape and trends

Robert M. Lee
CEO and Founder
Dragos, inc.

Public-private partnerships: a new model for cybersecurity

Patricia Soler, Ph.D.
Section Chief, CISA

Canadian Centre for Cyber Security

05 Oct

Cybersecurity topics by thought leaders and practitioners

Day 3 is intended to deliver two different (technical and management) streams of presentations for both, practitioners and decision makers

Track 1 – Technical

The Future of Cloud and its Impact on Cybersecurity

Jim Reavis
CEO, Cloud Security Alliance

Building the Cyber Fusion Center of the future

Erik Van Buggenhout
Senior Instructor, SANS

Fingerprinting of malicious network infrastructures

Marco Molteni, Senior CTI Administrator, UNICC

Improving detection to enable an efficient corporate incident response

Mario Guerra Soto
Cyber Security Incident Coordinator

Working with malware

Lorenzo Maffia
Security Operations Analyst, UNICC

UNICC DevSecOps Framework

Massimiliano Falcinelli

Digital Solutions Strategy Lead Officer at UNICC

Track 2 – Management

The Future of Cloud and its Impact on Cybersecurity

Jim Reavis
CEO, Cloud Security Alliance

Cybersecurity, A holistic view

Sandy Jourdain
Information Security Analyst, UNDP

Third Party risk management

Alexis Hirschhorn 
COO, Abilene Advisors

Organizational resilience and the hybrid office

Lyle McFadyen
Senior Solutions Architect, UNICC

UDRP Process dissected

Panel on UDRP
WIPO, Group IB

Surviving the pandemic and creating the New Norm

Stephanie Derdouri
Cybersecurity Specialist

06 Oct

Presentations and FIRST Security Incident Response Training

Day 4 will offer practical training on CSIRT in the morning. A Capture the Flag event will take place in the afternoon, along with tabletop exercises.

Trust and collaboration during difficult times

Serge Droz, Senior IT-Security Expert, Swiss FDFA

CSIRT Fundamentals and Starting with CSIRT

Oleksiy Kuzmenko

CISRT Operations

Gabriella Andriuzzi
Cybersecurity Associate Analyst, UNICC

The relevance of the evidence collection during CSIRT operations

Francesco Picasso
Cybersecurity Incident Handler, UNICC

Critical thinking and scientific method applied to incident triage and analysis

Oleksiy Kuzmenko

Capture the Flag

Joao Remedio

Cybersecurity Specialist, UNICC

Table Top Exercise

Sandra Bardón
Cybersecurity Analyst, UNICC

07 Oct

Capture the Flag event (continued) and wrap-up session

Day 5 is reserved for continuing Capture the Flag from Day 4 and the conference closing by lunch time.

Capture the Flag

Joao Remedio

Cybersecurity Specialist, UNICC

Transforming Information Security

Kathleen Moriarty
Chief Technology Officer, CIS


Escuela de Negocios de Cámara Valencia
Av. Benjamin Franklin, 8, 46980, Valencia, Spain

The venue is located in the Parque Tecnológico complex in the Paterna district of Valencia.

Important note: You are kindly requested to arrive 30 minutes before the start of the conference to follow the check-in process at the venue. Please make sure to have a valid identification document with you.
For any information please contact us on +34 650 268 466.

Common Secure Conference

Photo: UNICC

UNICC hosts an annual Common Secure Conference with the goal to bring its information security Partners together to increase the UN family circle of trust, share intelligence on cyber practices and provide feedback on UNICC Common Secure services. The multi-day workshop blends vendor and regional stakeholder sessions with feedback, presentations and input from participating Agencies.