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Cloud Web Hosting

ICC Cloud Web Hosting services provide value added options for Clients who seek to host or extend their web applications into the public, ICC-managed cloud. ICC provides the required automation, scalability and reliability so that clients are able to focus on development.
This service is built to provide flexible cloud web hosting solutions for distinct platform and deployment control needs. By the use of latest platform technologies, coupled with controlled deployments, the ICC Cloud Web Hosting service aims to be the Cloud Web Hosting solution when control, security and performance are of utmost importance.
All major Content Management Systems (CMS) solutions and programming languages are supported. Also, all required high performance components and deployment options are included in this service. The different product packages offer the required flexibility to run small to highly demanding websites based on client requirements.
Benefits include:

  • ICC on-premises expertise running highly available websites, now extended into the cloud
  • All required high performance web components are included at a predictable monthly cost
  • Supports all major CMS solutions (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) and programming languages (Java, Python, C++, etc.)
  • Different product options, based on deployment and performance requirements
  • 24/7 platform support (including Operating System) included in the monthly cost
  • Seamless integration with ICC Cloud Support and Application Development services for end-to-end application management.

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