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​Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

ICC services falling under the cloud computing IaaS model are the provision of data centre facilities, physical platforms, and network connectivity.


Data Centres

Equipment is hosted in one of ICC's three data centres located in Geneva and New York. ICC's data centres are Tier-3, purpose-built and highly secure environments equipped with surveillance cameras, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), multiple power generators, as well as smoke and flood detectors.

Physical Platforms

Physical platforms including servers, routers, firewalls and storage equipment are provisioned by ICC and are charged as a monthly rental fee. This eliminates the need for client organizations to incur the large capital expense of purchasing the hardware, and replacing it when it reaches its normal end-of-life.


Network Connectivity

ICC has equipped its data centres with highly redundant and high-speed network switches to ensure that its network backbone has enough capacity to meet growth requirements. ICC has also deployed metropolitan area network connections between its data centres and its client sites. International Wide Area Network circuits connect ICC's data centres in a redundant configuration and complete the overall private network cloud infrastructure. In addition to the above, ICC has deployed high-speed Internet access links in each of its data centres.