ICC Internships

​​​​ICC has a number of places for final year, recently graduated or Masters students specializing in information technology or other relevant disciplines. In addition to work experience, an ICC Internship provides a unique opportunity to experience a truly international and multi-cultural environment.​ ICC has hosted internships at many of our offices.


Current internships include any with open Closing dates below.


Conditions     ​     ​     ​     ​     ​

  • ​Qualifications - Candidates must be recently graduated, or in final year university attendance, specialising in areas that are relevant to ICC's line of business​ such as Computer Science, Business Management, Human Resources Management and other related fields.

  • Objectives - Work carried out at ICC must be in compliance with​​​​ their studies.    ​     ​

  • Duration - Three to ​​​six months, starting any time during the year. 

  • Remuneration - Successf​​​​​ul candidates will be remunerated on a monthly basis.​

  • Language - A good knowle​​​​​dge of English or French, and a working knowledge of the other, is essential.    ​

  • Insurance - Interns m​​​​​ust be covered by their own health insurance.   

  • Nationality - From ​​​​Member States of the UN.​​ ​ ​​ ​ ​ ​

  • Appointment - Selected students will be invited for an intervie​​​w, after which a final decision will be taken.    ​     ​

  • ​Application procedure - In order to app​​​ly for an advertised internship, please contact ICC by post or electronic mail (personnel@unicc.org) enclosing a one-page summary of your education, interests a​nd any relevant experience indicating the reference number of the internship vacancy.

Unsolicited applic​​ations will not be answered.

To Apply

Send an email to personnel@unicc.org and specify the internship (example: 'ICC/17/BSI/i007 ‐ Applications Support Unit') in the subject line.

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