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​Platform as a Service (Paas)

The salient ICC services falling under the Cloud Computing PaaS model are the "Virtual Platforms" provisioning, the "Enterprise Backup" service as well as the underlying "Monitoring" service.

  • Virtual Platforms

    ICC offers managed hosting of Virtual Servers (vServers) operated through its state of the art VM server infrastructure.

    By maintaining VM server farms in several Data Centre locations, ICC is able to provide effective Disaster Recovery services for virtual servers.

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    Enterprise Backup

    ICC keeps backup copies of operating systems, applications files and databases.

    Backup policies and schedules as well as the definition of information retention periods and restoration times are discussed by ICC with its clients in order to ensure that the backup provided is in line with requirements.

  • Monitoring

    The equipment hosted in ICC's Data Centres as well as network connectivity are monitored round the clock by ICC technicians to ensure the highest availability. Service monitoring tools have been deployed to monitor system resources and performance as well as provide protection against viruses and cyber-attacks.