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About ICC Management

Day-to-day management of ICC is carried out by the Director and the members of the Executive Committee.


Simon Jones


Simon has been the Director of ICC since November 2011. He was previously the Director of Business Solutions and Chief Information Officer in the UK Department for International Development (DFID), with a remit covering Information Systems, Knowledge and Information Management, Capital Portfolio Management, and the Centre of Excellence for Project and Programme Management. Simon was a founder member of the UK Government CIO Council and the Knowledge Council and had been the chair of the Government IT Profession Board.

Simon has a degree in mathematics from Cambridge University and started his career as a research scientist doing mathematical modelling using large computers in the Institute of Hydrology, Fulmer Research and ICI in the ‘80’s. In 1990 he moved into IT management within ICI and by 1993 he was leading their Technical Computing & Applications group. In 1994 Simon joined CAB International (a small international organization providing information and scientific services) as Director of Information Technology. Simon then moved to the Dialog Corporation in 1999 to become their CD-ROM Technology Director with responsibility for rebuilding the Division's technology capability and direction after it relocated to the UK. He became Head of Technology UK after Dialog was acquired by the Thomson Corporation, responsible for the technology and product management of three product lines which were sold worldwide.


Guy-Marie Massé

Guy-Marie has joined the International Computing Centre as Technical Innovations Officer in 1993 and became its Deputy Director in 2004. In the many years he has spent at ICC, he has held several management posts of growing level of responsibility. He has been instrumental in accompanying and driving many of the changes which have occurred at the Centre from the introduction of Internet Services back in 1994 to the hosting of the first ERP system in 2005. From his initial role as Technical Innovations Officer, his later position as Chief Operations & Technology Service to his current role of Deputy Director, Guy-Marie has covered a broad spectrum of managerial roles and responsibilities. In his current role of Deputy Director, he also oversees Human Resources.

Guy-Marie has an electrical engineering degree from the “Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble”, France. He started his career as research assistant in the microcomputing field with the conception and design of high-speed data switching systems. He joined the IT Department of FAO in 1986 and was involved in pivotal projects including the deployment of the first office automation suite of tools, the installation of the first LAN and the introduction of remote access connectivity. He joined Digital Equipment Corporation in 1989 and worked on innovative projects including the development of a made-to-order document management system integrating diverse technologies comprising of X-Windows user-interface, information retrieval systems, image processing and large storage systems.


Ray Compton

Ray wrote his first computer program in 1972 and was hooked. After studying at the City College of New York and Columbia University, he worked as a software developer implementing X.400 store-and-forward messaging systems. He moved on to do independent IT consulting in New York in both the communications and financial sectors. In 1994, Ray joined the United Nations and spent one year working in 12 different UN Peacekeeping missions around the world doing everything from network design and installation, to system configuration and tuning, and training of field IT staff. In 1995, he was part of the advance team that established the UN Logistics Base in Brindisi, after which he moved back to New York to work on the UN’s IMIS project in a progression of roles in systems administration and management.

Ray joined ICC in February 1999 to act as the global coordinator for IMIS support in the UN Offices Away from Headquarters (OAHs). In 2002, after managing an internal project defining ICC’s business processes, Ray was appointed to the newly created post of Business Manager. In 2007, he was appointed Acting Chief of the Business Management Division, and was later confirmed in that post by competition. Since August 2012, Ray has been Acting Chief of the Operations and Technology Division.


François Duquesne

François has joined the International Computing Centre in 2009 as Chief, Customer Relationship Management Section, with the mission to set-up this new section and develop the business relations and processes with the ICC Partners. Since August 2012, François is Acting Chief, Business Management Division, providing strategic leadership to ICC on all business aspects including CRM, Product Management, Finance and Procurement.

François has a degree in psychology and sciences of education from University of Mons-Hainaut, Belgium, as well as a post-graduate degree in statistics and analytical modeling from University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. François started his career in 1983 as teaching assistant at University of Mons-Hainaut with research and teaching responsibilities in the areas of computer-based laboratory, statistics and experimental design and methodology. From 1988 to 1990, he was also member of the Board of Directors.

In 1990, François moved to SAS Institute, the worldwide leading provider of Business Intelligence software solutions, as Senior Technical Consultant then as Product Strategy Manager. End of 1996, François was appointed Managing Director for SAS Belgium and SAS Luxembourg being fully responsible for business planning, finance, operations and human resources. From 1999 to 2004, he was also member of the Board of Directors.

In 2005, François set up his own management consulting activity providing services to companies and public/international organizations in strategic and finance management, decisional information and process, as well as in operational process improvement.


Wilson Tan Yee Seng

Willy joined the International Computing Centre in 2008, as Program Manager of the United Nations Department of Field Support Services in New York. This is his second assignment with ICC, the first was in 2002, when he joined the Centre as a Systems Analyst. Currently, Willy is the Acting Chief of the New York Division and is primarily managing all the programs that provide Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services to ICC's Partners at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Before joining ICC, Willy has served the United Nations in varying capacities. He was the Chief Information Technology Officer at the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) from 2004 to 2008 and concurrently served as the Chief of Communications and Information Technology for the start-up mission in Nepal in 2007. Willy started his career at the United Nations as a messenger in 1987. In the early 1990s, he was involved in the field missions automation project deploying enterprise systems and network infrastructure to peacekeeping missions in the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. In 1994, he was part of the start-up team for the establishment of the United Nations Logistics Base in Brindisi, Italy, where he held varying administrative functions until 1997. In 1998, Willy was involved in the design and deployment of an asset management system which took him again to a number of United Nations Peacekeeping missions. In 2001, he was part of the Galaxy team that developed the United Nations web based job portal.

Willy graduated from Pace University in New York with a degree in Business Administration.